Good Morning


At last a blue cloudless sky and a sun to enhance it all.  I think today is some sort of June solstice and we get the full blast of the sun due to the earth having a tilt in the right place. Ok, I am no expert, but it could be the longest day. Anyhow it looks like a good one.


Yesterday I did not get a good chance of taking photos as I accompanied Mr. Swiss on his maiden voyage on the scooter into town. It went very well, with me leading the way in my wheelchair. His scooter is a little more speedier than my wheelchair, so I had to keep up the tempo. I remember my first journey into town, but once you had overcome the first time, it becomes quite normal. He has a visit to the dentist due and now he can use the scooter to get to town and park it near bye. It would only be a short walk using his stick for support. I might go with him. I cannot enter the dentist with my wheelchair, but can have a drink in a nearby restaurant whilst waiting.


To compensate for my photo drought, I took a few this morning in the garden and things are certainly progressing. My bed of coreopsis and gaura are showing their flowers.


The coreopsis flower through until Autumn


and so do the gaura, increasing the length of their stalks on the way.


I have just discovered that this is not really a thistle, but known as eryngium or sea holly. It is a perennial (thank goodness) and is often grown as an ornamental plant.  I am glad it decided to make its home in my garden as it is something a little different to the others.


My sweet pea has also started to flower. It seems that by cutting the flowers and putting them in a vase they would not only look good but it would encourage the plant to produce more flowers throughout the growing season. I will try it out.

Sundays are really days of rest, except for the cooking part of the fun, but I have a veal ragout today so once it is cooking I can forget it until lunch time. This afternoon I might go for a wheelie with Mr. Swiss, although not so far. I did not upload my battery yesterday although it is still good for an hour or two. Apparently it is not so good for the battery in the wheelchair to keep it completely charged. The battery in Mr. Swiss scooter seems to have more power than mine. I am actually thinking about getting myself a scooter. I will try Mr. Swiss scooter to see how it works. It would not be so good for shopping as it would probably be too big for some stores, but for touring around it would be quite useful.

Since giving up my car, expenses are a lot less and I even got money returned from the insurance as I had paid for this year, but after  four months I returned my car. As a golden oldie I really want to make the most of the time I have.

Have a good day everyone, make the most of your Sunday if possible. I saw some interesting cloud formations  yesterday as I was wheeling home.


15 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning. I just happened to be up at about one in the morning. Your garden looks so colorful now. I probably mentioned that I grew sea holly in 1986 as a cut flower crop. It was certainly distinctive, but not fun to handle.

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  2. Hello Pat. Sadly I have not been keeping up with what has been happening with you due to various things. But obviously there has been a big change in that you have given up your car. That must have been a moment! I still can’t give mine up even though I will never drive it again. It has however come in useful on occasions when there has been a disaster with hubby’s car. You have given me an idea though. My hubby has a scooter, and I have my power chair which I cannot use ourside with being blind. But maybe hubby could go in his scooter and guide me in my power chair. That way, we will get more known in our local area, and I will get some much needed fresh air. Only problem here is we are still social distancing, but people are not always sticking to it when walking in the street.

    I love the sound of your plants. I think I might try to get them if they flower for that long. How lively. What a strange year it has been so far and yes, it is the longest day today, or Sumner Solstice. How very different to last year’s.

    I love you attitude towards life Pat. Getting the most out of your days now. That inspured and encouraged me. Thankyou. I had gotten VERY down. But maybe we can change things a bit.

    Have a lovely day Pat, and thankyou.

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    • I noticed you were not around so much. It is a different way of life without a car, especially being the only perrson who drove, but it was getting too risky and I was no longer feeling so safe at the wheel. I was surprised how quickly it happened. I gave the car back to the garage and got the money within a week. That dealt with cancelling the number and I just had a form to complete to give back my driving licence. The insurance has been cancelled and I have already got a refund as I had paid for this complete year and now I am on my way in my electric chair. Mr. Swiss also now has a scooter, we are the golden oldies on wheels. I must say I enjoy being more in the fresh air. I also manage my shopping in the store. The bags get a bit large and heavy, but I deposit one on the ground near the till and fill up the other one afterwards. I can then give them to the desk and they call the Collectors, which is an organisation we have to pick up your bags and bring them home by a large container on a bike. I have paid for a year, and it is a very reasonable and good system. I can them drive on home in my chair with no problem. Usually the goods are home before I arrive.
      We still have safe distance here, but it is not so difficult and much has now been relaxed as we are quite down on the daily cases of corona. Still about 20-30 but spread on a population of eight million it is not so much. We just have to be careful


  3. Good morning … lucky you with the clear blue sky. You are correct that today is the longest day of the year. The Summer Solstice … the flowers make great photographs. Have a great day. I am not sure here yet what the weather is going to be … it is just starting to get light with dawn right now. It looks to be cloudy but one can never tell until later. If they have Happy Father’s Day in your country, tell Mr. Swiss to have a good one …as it is Father’s Day also …. all the best … SLP…

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  4. Your garden is looking wonderful! I hope Mr Swiss is enjoying his scooter as much as you enjoy getting out in your wheelchair. The two of you on scooters… out, people!! 😀

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  5. Good afternoon is clear but the thunder clouds are often around. I have grown sea holly and it makes a good dried flower. Have safe trip trying Mr. Swiss’s scooter. Now I must get moving and find something to eat.

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    • I have thought of that one as well. I will take it as it comes, but I can take the train . It is only two stops to the store and will have my walker for support


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