FOWC with Fandango: Pensive

Entering the Store with Kovid

Was it all a bad dream, did Covid 19/Coronusvirus really exist? Was it really a threat to the world? Oh yes, definitely, but some of us got away and others still have it constantly in their thoughts and some died. I do not think we will ever be rid of its presence. At least we should not be rid of its presence. It must remain in our thoughts. Only then we have a chance to protect ourselves: wash your hands, keep a distance, do no shake hands and isolate if possible. I did not, could not isolate. We had to eat, and so I was the chosen one to go to the store. My husband is semi invalid and my son is autistic.

Was it luck that I did not have any symptoms of this disease? Who knows, but imagine the thoughts I had for two months. It is far from finished, even though our country no longer has many new cases. We can just hope that it will not return.

FOWC with Fandango: Pensive

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