Good Morning


It rained all night and is still raining this morning, so everything is wet. It does not bother me so much in the morning as I do not go anywhere, but I am hoping it will stop by this afternoon when I have to go to the store.

Yesterday was a pleasant day and I went for a wheelie in the neighbourhood. Actually I was accompanying Mr. Swiss in his scooter, but took the opportunity to take a few photos on the way.


I was particularly pleased to see this European smoke tree. They have such spectacular brushes on the twigs after flowering. I also have one in my garden, but it is one of the more compact flowering varieties. They have such nice dark red leaves throughout the summer.


The crops are also now quite high in the field and in a month it will probably be  the first harvest, if not sooner. Growing up in the town of London I had no big idea about agriculture, but since living here out in the country, I realise it is a rhythm of life and I enjoy it very much.


I even managed to get a shot at a crow yesterday. They are now hopping around since the wild meadow had been mowed down to see what they can find amongst the remainders. I see quite a lot of crows during the winter when I feed the birds, but now they are busy doing their own thing and probably bringing up the kids.

It seems the Brits have discovered a plain and simple medicine, a steroid, which is helpful against the negative effects of coronavirus, although mainly for the bad cases of patients on machines.  Of course this is very positive and will definitely save lives. It seems to be a general outbreak of euphoric feelings at the moment almost claiming a cure has been found. The advantage would be that this medicine is available for all and quite reasonable in price, but it is not the cure we are all waiting for. Cases in Switzerland remain at a minimum with an average of approximately 20 new patients daily. When will this all end? I have often a strange feeling that various countries are staging a competition to find who gets the cure first and afterwards are patting themselves on the back for it.


And as Mr. Swiss wheels on his way across the countryside, I will move on my way throughout the apartment, cleaning here and there.

18 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • He is enjoying it, although still a little apprehensive. It was the first time in a long while that we visited the local cemetery together this week so that he could visit his mother’s grave. I might even try the scooter myself, although it is too big to enter the stores.

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    • I read your article about the smoke bush which was very interesting (as are all your articles), especially as I have one in my garden. I notice they are not all so nice and bushy, and the one in my photo really caught my eye. My gardener trims mine back once a year.

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      • Thank you.
        I pollarded our smoke bushes. There are two; one purplish bronze, and one golden. I can not allow them to get too big where they are. They regenerated with such nicely colored foliage, but the surprisingly bloomed too. I really did not expect that after pollarding them.

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  1. The Japnese maple tree caught my eye. I don’t think I have seen one that mature before. I have always like smoke trees. It is still stormy here. Did your weather clear so your visit to the store was nice?


    • My Japanese maple was quite small for the first 10 years I had it and now it has decided to become a large tree. I like the big bushy smoke trees. When I went shopping it was still raining, but a light rain. When I left the store it had at last stopped and now it is quite dry outside.

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