RDP Sunday: Siesta

Restaurant Sternen closed Baselstrasse 25.05 (2)

This is the local pizza restaurant, or was. It closed during the lockdown for the coronavirus and it was a good pizza restaurant. It is not far from where we live and many are the evenings we enjoyed a pizza with friends or relations. They even had a cellar where the local jazz club would meet once a month, Mr. Swiss being one of the founder members. He celebrated his 60th birthday there with a colleague, also a jazzer, who was also 60.

They were the days, but now it is all gone. Driven into an eternal siesta by corona and never to open its doors again, We will miss it, as well as many others in our town.

Sternen Restaurant

In summer in the warmer days you could sit outside in the sidewalk café and enjoy the food.

RDP Sunday: Siesta

10 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Siesta

    • Our town had been suffering from shop deaths for some time due to online sales, the established shops are no more and now the remaining businesses are suffering from their lockdown

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  1. Let’s hope it will reopen when they are ready. It IS a shame what the pandemy has done to many of our local businesses but also it has shown us how EVERYTHING is inked in some ways.


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