RDP Friday: Uncle

Fritz, Rudolf, Hans, Oscar Gerber

Not my uncles, but Mr. Swiss great uncles. The photo was taken on 1st August 1914 which was the evening  before the borders were guarded by the Swiss troops. Switzerland was neutral in both the 1st and 2nd war, but they still had the duty to defend their borders from invaders. I don’t know whether they ever used their sables to fight, but they look quite good on the photo.

On the left is my husband’s great grandfather and the others are his brothers.

RDp Friday: Uncle

7 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Uncle

    • The Gerber dynasty is quite a large one and can be traced back to our original farm in the olden days. A distant relative of Mr. Swiss had a book published with many historical facts and photos of our Gerber branch and this photo was included in the book.


      • I understand about neutrality. I do see where putting on a uniform and learning how to defend your country could be dangerous. To me it is the willingness, the training, and the possibility of fighting that is the same. Not all soldiers see combat, but all go through the same preparedness for it. I think the waiting sometimes is the worst part (spoken as a non-soldier.)

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