Good Morning


I suppose I should hurry up a bit, otherwise it will be midday eventually. This morning Apple decided to inform that an update to their programme was available. I could do it now or let it run during the night. I decided to do it now to make sure it arrived, but when I realised it would be a long one I decided to clean up the place and have a shower before writing anything and let the update run in the meanwhile.

Since taking my morning photo of the day, nothing much has changed, and the clouds have remained.


I was in town again yesterday and noticed that even the pigeons have begun to take shelter from the wet world we live in at the moment.

I was lucky that it was not raining when I went on my shopping tour to the store. I was actually going to stay at home yesterday, but Thursday everything is closed for Corpus Christi in our particular Kanton, being strongly Roman Catholic and having nothing better to do I decided to get some shopping. I was not intending on buying too much, but again fell into the special offer trap. My supply of pelati (tinned tomatoes) was running low and I discovered that I could buy 6 tins together for a special price. I naturally got a 2x 6 tins. And then I found something else that would be handy etc. etc. and eventually I had one large bag full and some in the second bag. It is a bit complicated when you have a wheelchair, but I now have a system. I deposit one large full bag near the till and gather items for the second bag. I can than wheel on to the till and toss it all on the conveyer belt. I pay and pack it in the bags again and the guy from the customer service is on a desk next to the till.. I just have to tell him it is for our collectors. He deals with the rest. They are delivered an hour later by our collectors. What could be better.

I was then moving on to another store, and met my son’s boss. He invited me to a coffee and we sat outside a café and had an enjoyable conversation.


I also met these two dogs whilst wheeling through town on my return journey. I was quite impressed by their size and good looks.

Eventually I arrived home to find that my two shopping bags were deposited in front of my door. I must tell Mr. Swiss not to listen with headphones as it seems he does not hear the doorbell.

Today I am off again into town this afternoon for a few things, although my few things often develop into more. I really do not need too much today.

And now I must really go, time to begin cooking lunch: today röschti (Swiss style baked potatoes) and cippollata with baked tomatoes. Mr. Swiss said something about helping to peel potatoes. I must remind him lest he forgets.


Keep safe everyone have a good day, will be back this afternoon.

17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good afternoon, I see the weather still unpleasant but it seems to have sits that allow you to go out.

    Good afternoon and your weather look like it is still stormy out, glad that was a break in it and you can go out. The sun is shining this morning A shopping trip is planned for later. Have fun visiting the new areas of your town.

    the sun is shining today

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    • It didn’t rain today, although still quite cool. I was in town to get a few things. I used to just drive to the large store outside of town and drive back home again. Now I can combine my shopping with seeing other things in town and being amongst the people – naturally at a safe distance.

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  2. Nice pair of Siberians. Two people on our street breed them and I have had a lot of offers for puppies. But they are too big and furry for me. I actually made a donation of money I don’t have to the Durrell Foundation on the Isle of Jersey. They normally make their money on tourism to the zoo, lectures, education about what they do (saving nearly extinct breeds from disappearing), but now it will be more than a year until they start to see any kind of income. After 60 years of trying to save the world, I figured I could manage that $25. This was all founded by Gerald Durrell, Lawrence’s younger brother. The BBC had a series about the family. I think you might like it.

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    • The dogs caught my eye in town and I was hoping for the right moment for a photo. They are really two beautiful dogs. The BBC have very good animal programmes


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