Good Morning


Another miserable rainy day, but perhaps the rain might go in the afternoon. I was speaking to the guy who visited yesterday about my wheelchair and also our newly acquired scooter. He assured me that both articles have the same built in protection against water and we can go on our travels whether rain or sun. Naturally it is advisable to have a rain protection when wet, but we all have raincoats somewhere. Mr. Swiss even got one free with his new scooter.

I was actually going to do a little pleasure trip this afternoon and perhaps show Mr. Swiss the ways of moving with his scooter. However, things are never as they should be. No. 2 son informed that they would like to visit on Saturday, which is naturally fine with me. We have not seen him or his family for a couple of months due to coronavirus, but now everything is moving back slowly, almost to how it used to be. I have only seen my second grandchild once since she was born last November. although of course I get enough photos through the computer to watch how she is developing and growing. She now sits independently and crawls around. Her older brother now talks quite fluently and is the handful that he should rightly be.

I will now be off this afternoon into town where the store has a butchers department. Otherwise we get pre-packed everywhere but I prefer to choose my own meat in the amount that I need. I usually have it vacuum packed and can put it in the freezer at home.


I even have my own vacuuming device if I buy the food pre-packed. Yesterday I managed to get three nicely sized pork chops and could use my device the first time at home. I do not like mega thick sized chops, far too much meat, but these were just perfect. It was quite an operation to use this device for the first time, but with a little help from Mr. Swiss we managed. It is delivered with special plastic bags with a zip closing device. When the meat is in the bag, just press on the zip which seals the bag and then put the nozzle of the machine into the designed place. Then switch on and it removes the air in the bag to seal the meat.  You can also re-use the bags. It works really well and now I have frozen the chops to be used at the week-end. I had such a device many years ago, but gave it to No. 2 son. They have now improved on them, and are not over expensive.


Yesterday just before I went to the store in my wheelchair we heard the siren of a police car. When I arrived at the main road there had been an accident. One car was in a field and the remains of a motor cycle laying next to the road. There was an ambulance and also the rescue helicopter landed nearby.  I was shocked to say the least. These things can happen so quickly. Probably one vehicle was descending from the road to the local castle and the other was on the main road before the collision. At this moment I was glad that I no longer drive a car. Of course these things can always happen, but as a golden oldie I am glad I am no longer on the road.


And now I am on my way again. The cleaning lady is here today and almost finished and I have a meal to cook. I am hoping that the clouds lift a little today so that I can go rain free on my shopping expedition this afternoon. Have a good one and take care.

17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning!
    I probably should not have stopped by though. That motorcycle wreck was more than I wanted to read about. I really dislike those things; although I met one of my best friends when he wrecked his motorcycle in front of me on Highway 17.

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    • He knows the sights better than I do as he grew up in the area. He is now busy practicing with the scooter and is doing his best every day to go somewhere. Today he went up to the local castle.

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  2. Good afternoon, it good you both go out on your wheels. There usually an accident involving a motorcycle and the rider is usually hurt. we still have odd weather today it will start heat will begin to reach in the 70sF. Two days later there is a sudden dropped temperate. The new medicine I started taking is helping and I felt good enough to read WordPress about the avatar. Following the directions, I got my picture back on. Have good shopping trip and a visit from you son and his family.


  3. That sounds like a device worth having. Does it have a name? it also might help keep everything from getting freezer frost-bitten!

    Life here is wacko and we are not having an easy time. I’m trying to stay calm, but sometimes, I wake up screaming.

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    • It is called a vacuum sealer in English. I got mine from our supermarket chain. If you search online I am sure will find something similar in the States. Here they are not so expensive and are battery driven.

      Life has got a lot easier here now since the virus is at a minimum


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