Good Morning


We seem to be having a mini rainy season . We had a cloudburst yesterday early evening, but eventually transformed into normal rain. This morning we are left with some grey clouds and I am hoping that it will clear up during the day as I was hoping to get into town this afternoon for some week-end shopping. Otherwise I will only visit the local store.

Yesterday was a day of deliveries. My large order from my supermarket delivery service arrived. The two guys that brought it even carried the goods into my appartment entrance. I told them I knew that deliveries now had longer times due to everyone ordering because of corona. They said it had now improved, but a month a ago you were lucky to get the goods within a month.  They were inundated with orders. I placed a second order, thinking I would again have to wait a week, but got a two day delivery,  so it looks like things are gradually returning to normal. My second deliverv will be this afternoon.

The main thing is that I now have enough food supplies at home to survive without having to stress around shopping. My freezer is also in a good shape. As I am now carless I also arranged delivery for prescription medicine which also arrived promptly yesterday, It is all a matter of logistic and thank goodness for a computer.


On my quick trip to the store yesterday afternoon I noticed this guy mowing the island in the road and saw that it was the same gardener that trimmed my hedges the day before. We greeted when he saw me and it seems that his local company also has the contract for looking after the greenery in public places around our village. He was also trimming the grass and bushes along our road train rails.


Amazing what you notice as a golden oldie when cruising along in a wheelchair. I now use my mobile phone camera mostly for casual photos as I no longer have so much space for my Nikon camera when shopping.


On the way to the store I saw this wonderful example of a so-called evening primrose, although it was only mid afternoon.  I believe they are classified as weeds that appear here and there, but I like them very much. I have decided to keep an eye on this one and perhaps be able to gather a few seeds when they are ready.

Otherwise nothing really special going on in the golden oldie household at the moment. I have a little bit of ironing to do, not very much, so now to carry on with the daily chores. Keep safe everyone, look after your computers, wash your hands and keep your distance.


11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. It is such a source of comfort when your food supplies are good. Makes you wonder how you managed without a freezer, doesn’t it? I thought of you this week when I got in my car and it would not start up right away. I no longer use it daily, as I did for work. We have decided that we must alternate cars during the week–even if it is only to drive around the block. Gotta keep that battery charged! Have a great day, Pat.

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    • I always had a freezer, but not such a king sized one. I an getting quite used to the idea. It certainly makes life easier. I had such a problem with my car because I did not drive enough and the battery was never charged constantly.

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  2. YoUR CArless trips sound like fun. The delivery is a good idea. It was tried here but it didn’t catch on and most of the stores now have driveway pickup. Temperatures are expected to reach 97 F. (37 C.) and back in the 60s tomorrow. Strange weather and sometime there will be a thunderstorm. Enjoy your travels.

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    • It is a company attached to our national supermarket and you can order their products to be delivery and also other goods. It works very well and you know exactly when it will be deliveed. We have high cold winds and rain at the moment. Not very friendly weather at all.

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