RDP Thursday: Bark

Tree Cutting 16.05 (7)

When you walk the same path often, you get to know the trees. It is only when they are no longer there, you realise that something is missing. I stumbled upon this guy as he was sawing the tree into pieces. This was almost a year ago, and the remains of the tree are still laying in the same place.

Tree Cutting 16.05 (8)

The remaining trunk of the tree is also still there, but now just dead wood. The guy that cut the tree down told me that it had died which was why he was removing it. It had even lost its remaining bark. Every time I now take a walk along the path I think of the tree that is no longer there.

RDP Thursday: Bark

12 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Bark

  1. It is probably at the bottom of the do list. it not harming the environment and in time it will be dust again. In the meantime, it will supply shelter and food to the many small creatures around there.

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  2. I wish more people would think about this instead of walking by without a care. That tree was a living and breathing entity. One that provides us the ability to live. How much more powerful can you get!


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