Good Morning


The rain arrived in the night, nothing dramatic, but a steady drizzle. It has been at least a month since we have seen rain, so no  big complaints really. Basically I do not have to go anywhere today, but forgot to buy butter yesterday, so it might mean an excursion with the local train and a walker for support this afternoon, or my son might go for me.

Yesterday afternoon I was in town picking up a few things. I had to get my Vitamin D drops in the chemist shop. My first try was a no go as there was a really high step to conquer before entering the store. However I moved on remembering there was a drugstore a few days ago and it had no steps and was wide enough for my chair to enter. I was welcomed by a nice saleslady. She was a great help fetching my medicine. After shopping for years in the same store I am now discovering the alternatives in the local town and there are many. I find you also develop the personal touch by going to the smaller stores.


We still have the remains of our lock down, but only in the stores where the amount of people entering are restricted. Being a smaller market town, this is not so dramatic in the larger stores and I have never had to wait. However, in the smaller stores they cannot take so many people and you see smaller groups of people waiting outside until they can enter. Even our restaurants have limited entrance and the outside chairs and tables are a lot less. I even saw a small group of people waiting outside until the waitress would direct them to a free place. Times are still no longer as they were. New coronavirus cases are now very few in Switzerland, but it is still important to be careful. I had sad thoughts for my home country, England. They have already begun to relax the lockdown laws, but I find they have far too many new cases of this virus infection daily.


Our town is never really crowded these days. It used to be full of shoppers, but time changes and more and more is ordered online. I also now rely more on online orders for the larger bulk articles and being handicapped rely on deliveries. However due to the virus, slots were completely booked. I placed an order a week ago and delivery is now programmed for this afternoon which is fine. Yesterday I placed a new order and lo and behold I got a delivery for tomorrow afternoon, so things are at last returning to normal. I am so glad that a little normality is returning to my world. I am really discovering a new way of life, now being carless.

Yesterday I was quite a while in town sorting this and that in the various stores. I bought quite a lot and handed it to the store. They organise home delivery for me. When I arrived home it was already delivered, so what could be better. Now that everything seems to be running as it should, I am glad. Not once during the lockdown did I have to go into complete isolation at home and although it was a risk, I managed to shop myself. We take so much for granted in our lives, and sometimes it is perhaps good to realise that life is not one big comfortable ride.


Wheeling through town yesterday I even realised that we have a tourist centre. It was quite empty as currently there are no tourists, but I am sure they will arrive again: perhaps not from other countries, but from Switzerland itself. Note the wonderful quaint cobbled street which they have organised in the core of our town. They look so good, but I can tell you it makes a shaky ride in my wheelchair.


As I approached my village yesterday on the way home I notice the wonderful view over our neighbouring mountains. Even the cloud fomations joined in. I noticed then that there could be rain arriving.

Have a great day everyone and somehow where there is a will, there is really a way. I am discovering the new ways constantly.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Yes, that is pretty much my analysis. They have changed their rules but the numbers do not support it. It is as though they are simply become fed up with lockdown. The thing that worries me most is that some people are making stop/go decisions on the basis of what they say.

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      • I think there is a cabal which puts profit above all, and has worked out “acceptable” casualty numbers. It’s very Trumpish, but these guys are smarter and more subtle. And, of course, more dangerous.


  2. Good afternoon, we are expecting high temperatures today and tomorrow and another dropped in cooler temperatures. Yesterday returning from my scan the state highway department is widening the street to 4 lane. It is changing an area that raptor/hawks have nested for years. Further on My rose was in bloom. I have watch for several years never seeing the bloom, it is in full bloom and T got pictures. Enjoy seeing all the town and yes cobble streets are not user friendly. Be well and have good day.

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    • We now have some rain in between. I did a quick visit to the store yesterday afternoon, otherwise nothing special. Yesterday I got a few deliveries of groceries that I had ordered

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