Good Morning


Sunday morning and everything is right with our part of the universe. The sun has risen and shining and the birds are singing. I have just enjoyed m breakfast and even Mr. Swiss has stopped hugging the bed and already in the computer world. I am enjoying the peace and quiet outside.


The cat next door has also paid a visit, but seemed to get engrossed in a conversation with my frog and meerkat, although naturally using telepathy.

I was having fun on my iPad this morning whilst still hugging the bed. They are such useful instruments, handy and compact and can be used in a horizontal position. I made an online order from my store supplier last week again, risking to see if they now had normal deliveries. I stick to large bulky standard goods and should get my delivery Wednesday afternoon, which is not too bad. It used to be next day delivery in the good old pre corona days, but they are getting better all the time. There is a national holiday on Monday for Whitsun, so we lose a day next week.  Anyhow this morning I decided to mark all my articles that will be in my favourites to save time when placing an order. I

I was on a quest for sweets in  town (candies for those over the pond) for Mr. Swiss. They are not really my taste, but he especially likes the fruity ones. As I now shop in a different branch of my chain store they do not have all the various sorts that he likes. I eventually found something to his taste, but will have to put those that he likes on my online favourite list. Since age has caught up with him (and me) he no longer goes anywhere so he depends on me.

Otherwise I found a couple of special officers in the butchers department which I decided would be a good idea to deepfreeze for another time. I am really getting used to this new way of shopping. When I had a car I just bought what I wanted when I saw it. Now I plan more for the future. Bulk goods I have delivered which would be really too heavy to organise and when visit the store I pay for the goods and afterwards our wonderful collectors bring it home to me. It usually arrives about an hour later. What could be better.


I really had a surprise yesterday when leaving my home and wheeling past the other side of my garden hedge. I saw these wild strawberries growing below the hedge. We do have wild strawberries in our area, but I had never seen them in our estate before, and I certainly did not plant them. They are a lot smaller than the usual strawberries, but are edible. However, I decided not to try them. Anything growing at the side of the path would be a visiting place for any dogs or cats that would walk past, and perhaps not so hygienic for human consumption.


I almost forgot to show off these. The mother plant on the right is a sort of kalanchoe. If it would ever flower it would die afterwards, but in the meanwhile it makes small offshoots. I planted its daughter in a pot and it is growing well. As you can see there is yet another shoot from mummy, and I will probably plant that one eventually. At least it keeps me out os mischief.

And now I should really move on. I will probably be on a short trip to town today. Although everything is closed, I must get some cash from the machine. I usually live on plastic, but I have a few cash bills to pay next week.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good afternoon, it was a hectic day yesterday. It reached 98 F. (37) C. with strong winds during the day and a severe storm at night. We will enter phase 3 today. We use to eat wild STRAWBERRIES AND ThEY WERE DELICIOUS. Enjoy the current normal.

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  2. Roschti seems to be getting quite comfortable in your yard. Maybe age has made he and Tabby decide to become friends? Although I am not sure ‘friends’ is a word in Meow.

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  3. Too bad. We grow wild strawberries in our garden. I got to eat a couple once, but usually, the birds get there first. They are incredibly sweet. But now, I wouldn’t taste them unless I could first thoroughly wash them. But they really were delicious. Very tiny compared to regular strawberries and the flowers are pretty, too.

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  4. Now that strawberries that were bred for fruit production are so genetically modified, and make such humongous but bland fruit, those wild types are becoming more popular. They are bred too, but not so much.

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    • Wild strawberries grow here and there in Switzerland. It is true that strawberries in the stores are no longer so tasty. The Swiss production is very good, but a little more expensive. In some places you can pick them yourselves in the fields. I used to grow them in my garden and they were very good.

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