RDP Saturday: Outdoors


Nothing better than being outdoors when the Summer arrives. Either I am on my way shopping or as now, sitting outside on the porch. Of course I always take my computer with me at to the porch. This afternoon I had to go to town for a few bits and  pieces, but I was glad. The first view I get when leaving home is the view on the Jura mountains and if you are lucky, as I was, a couple of fluffy clouds to enhance it all.


People are now leaving their isolation slowly and in town the usual group of locals were gathering on the streets and again relaxing on the stairs of our cathedral. Although I live here, at least just along the road in the next village, I felt as if I was on holiday.


Even the way home in my wheelchair on the side of the road was fun, with a sky to complete the painting.

RDP Saturday: Outdoors

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