Good Morning


Another sunny one today, although a breeze is blowing. At least the heat will not be too intense – yet. The summer days are not yet here, but in a couple of weeks they will be. June and July were always the holiday season, but this year I am not sure. Many people are now staying in Switzerland and it seems that Swiss holiday resorts have again became popular. My autistic son No. 1 always goes on a special holiday with other similar handicapped to North Italy, but this year it has naturally been cancelled thanks to our universal virus. The company offered instead two weeks in the Italian part of Switzerland, but even that was a little too risky for me, bordering on Italy. Son will be staying at home and enjoying the sun in our area.


Another sign of the progressing seasons is that our gaura is now showing itself from its budding side and the first flowers have already arrived. It usually blossoms throughout the complete summer.

Yesterday was another day carless, but everything went well. Everyone is so helpful in my local store, I think they know me now. there is plenty of space to move in and within half an hour I already had the goods I bought delivered by my young guy on his bike with container attached. I have also collected a few bulk articles but will place an order online today and every thing going well it will also be delivered some time the end of next week – I can wait.

This afternoon I decided on a short excursion to town for a few bits and pieces in their store that they do not have in our local store. I am actually looking forward to going somewhere with a purpose. It will not be a lot to organise as the bicycle guys are not delivering on Saturday at the moment, but will be again mid June when everything will be back to the new norm. There are still new cases of corona virus emerging in Switzerland daily, and yesterday there were again ten. We can only dream of the day when it one day will be zero or just one or two.


In the meanwhile dinner is already cooking. I bought a lovely piece of beef in town and will be be having it boiled for dinner with vegetable. It will be slow cooking so no stress this morning.

And now I must move on, a few things have cropped up in the meanwhile. I wish you all a good Saturday and may the week-end continue in a positive way.


My roses are now flowering everywhere.


12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. It is good to hear that the ‘situation’ has improved even more in Switzerland. We do not have it so easy, with so many people protesting for their right to spread disease that kills people, and now, all the crazy riots and looting! The office of one of the newspapers that I write for is right on the edge of one of the areas of the worst looting in Beverly Hills, near Los Angeles. The stores in the main shopping district had been closed for weeks, with no revenue. It would have been difficult or impossible for many to resume business when this is all over. Now, some have been looted of all their inventory!

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