FOWC with Fandango: Resign


I did not really want to take a photo of this house. I was more interested in the blue flowers at the front of the photo, but the house decided to get into the picture. I took a photo of the blue flowers on their own afterwards.

I pass the house every time I go to the store. A few years ago a company moved in. The front garden became quite interesting when they planted the grape vines which are still there. They must have been growing the grapes for wine production, although the house was not a wine producing company.

Now the second floor is up for rental since a few months. No-one seems to want it.

Wild Flowers

FOWC with Fandango: Resign

Good Morning


I had to shield my eyes when I entered the outside world this morning. The sun was shining with such a strength. The only noise I hear outside is the wind blowing through the trees and the birds twittering.

I had a brilliant idea and put it into practice yesterday. Since being carless I have had to make a few alterations to my shopping tours, not very much, but one thing was still bothering me. How am I going to manage with the week-end meals?  Although my local store has everything, they do not have a butchers department as such, and the meat is all prepacked. Although this is sufficient during the week, week-ends are a little different. I must say the quality of the meat products in the local store is very good, always fresh, but you can only buy the amounts they sell in the packing.

I decided yesterday afternoon to go into town to the bigger store where they have a butcher’s department. As the Swiss chain where I buy my stuff so not sell alcohol, I also wanted to call in at another store where they do. Not that I am a drinker, I havn’t touched a drop for at least ten years and wine says nothing to me as a drink, but I like to cook with wine and my supply of my liter bottle red swiss wine was running low, although I always have one bottle as a reserve.  I no longer had a reserve. Mr. Swiss also needed cigarettes (at the age of  80 you cannot begin new habits like giving it up) and so my trip was organised.


I took the back path to town as I really did not want to be shaken around in my wheelchair by the cobble stones streets of the old town. I noticed that a space had been cleared on the way. This is now reserved for the new market place on Saturday morning. Due to covid the Saturday morning market has be shifted to a larger space on the edge of town to ensure that we do not get too close together. As I rarely attend this market, I do not know how it works under normal circumstances. I do not have the time on a Saturday morning to go somewhere that does not interest me.

I arrived in town and I must say enjoyed every minute of my shopping trip. I bought a few odds and ends that I do not get in my local store and above all meat. I now had my week-end meat supply. I was alone at the meat counter and could take my time in getting what I wanted. As I was looking around in this store finding my way where everything was, I saw someone I knew. We worked together in the same company and he was shopping with his wife. We were both happy to see each other again after at least ten years. How people can change in shape and size as time goes on. He is younger than I am and still belongs to the working population. We had a good chat, caught up on a few things and it was a great meeting. I deposited my bag of shopping at the customer service desk afterwards where they organised it to be picked up by our collectors service to be taken home for me.

As I left the store I met yet another couple outside the store that I knew. I was really enjoying this shopping trip. I then moved on to the next store, which was just over a small road and got my cooking wine. That was something I took home myself, together with Mr. Swiss cigarettes which I had bought at another store.


I was now finished with the shopping business and decided to wheel on home, this time taking the way through town. Oh it was good to get outside again and even have a purpose in my journey.


I noticed we had some wonderful clouds hanging over the town. As I did not want to be weighed down by carrying a camera in my bag, I only had my iPhone for photos, but that was enough.

When making today’s shopping list I realised that I had almost everything and there would be just a few items to buy. Something that has not existed for me on a Friday for a long time. The meat was taken care off and I even have quite a good supply of veg already at home. I am enjoying this new way of carless life and am now rid of the stress of driving. I am sure the next obstacle will arrive to overcome, but I have discovered there is always a solution somewhere.

So enough of my new life, I should get on with the daily life and its routine.

May you all have a good day. Keep washing your hands and keep your distance. See you around on the flip side. Will leave you with a photo of a flower store in town.