FOWC with Fandango: Notion


Today I had a notion to go into town again, on a Thursday afternoon, something I have not done since covid 19 arrived. What did I see? There were people on the streets walking around, people enjoying the fresh outdoor air sitting in street cafes, even the shops were all open. Was life back to normal?.

I actually had a quest to fulfil. I am now carless and life is taken a new turn, but I am enjoying it up to now. Although I am used to breaking speed limits in my electric chair, I still have a second thought before entering a store for the first time. However, I have noticed, this is not necessary. Today I decided to change down to a slower gear, as I was missing some of the articles I wanted to buy in the store. My biggest problem is when the frozen goods I need are on the top shelf of the refrigerator and I have to organise my  cane for support and keep my balance whilst opening the heavy door to reach the article I need. I am afterwards glad to be sitting safely again in my chair, although practice makes perfect and I find I am improving all the time. I went to three different stores in town today, and was that fun. For the first time in a while I felt alive again.

The next obstacle to overcome will be a rainy day. Then I will not be cutting curves with a wheelchair, but doing the balancing act in the local road train with my walker until I reach the store – just two stops away, so not so far. One day Winter will be here again with the snow and sludge, but I will overcome that problem when it arrives. Even when I was with car, I disliked the Winter conditions. I shop in the afternoon which is always an advantage in Winter, as the roads and pavements are then usually clear.

Yes, my head is full of notions at the moment.

FOWC with Fandango: Notion

RDP Thursday: Like a Circle in a Spiral


There I was wheeling my way home in my chair, mobile camera in hand and thinking where the circles are hiding in a spiral, or was it the spiral  finding a place in a circle. I looked up as we  did have some interesting clouds this afternoon and I saw it. Circles and spirals everywhere.

The overhead train cables with all their bits and pieces. Surely there must be spirals and circles to fulfil the prompt.

RDP Thursday: Like a Circle in a Spiral

Good Morning


I found a sunrise this morning and some fluffy little clouds to accompany it. What a way to rise and shine, although I am not shining so much. Today is again day of the fresh bed linen, meaning a later start. With my usual sense of activity, my duvet and cushion are already covered. I think Mr. Swiss has also done his as well. Now for a pause with breakfast and a blog and afterwards to finish the job. It has all become routine throughout the years, although it still takes time as I have become a little slower.


Look what I found in my garden this morning. The first rose of Summer, although technically speaking it is not quite summer yet, but the roses could not wait and neither could I. There are many buds on this climbing rose, and there are a some others also showing signs of pink, but this one made it. Perhaps not quite entirely open, but it is doing its best.

Otherwise I was again on a shopping journey yesterday for this and that. I am managing quite well with the wheelchair in the store, just a matter of routine. Mr. Swiss always worried when I was on my way by car and it does not change very much with a wheelchair, although up to now I do not need a driving licence and after 4 years practice it is nothing new for me. I have a straight run to the store from my home of five minutes and now know where everything is. When I am finished with everything and have packed the bags I give them to the desk. My collectors subscription is now active, so all I have to do is give a form to the supermarket, they call the collectors and I do not have to do anything else except for roll on home. Half an hour later the guy rings the bell and gives me my two bags of shopping.

I also went a step further yesterday evening. My supermarket chain also deliver online, but since the corona began to float around everyone was ordering online. As the corona is now at a basic minimum of about 5-10 new cases per day and our hospitals only have 2 or 3 cases to care for, the service has improved, although I got a delivery date for a week, which is no problem. I only order online non perishables and standard items which are bulky and difficult to carry (mineral water packs, Toilet rolls, heavy litter bags for my cat’s tray etc.) They used to be able to deliver the next day, but that is now a thing of the past and you automatically get the next free slot available, but with very detailed times and a date.

I seem to be on a new learning curve. This afternoon I want to take a wheelie into town. I have only a few things to get, and the store there also has a butchers for fresh meat to buy. I also have a couple of items in another store. I do not mind and am always glad to do something different. Luckily the weather has held for the past week and no rain in sight. That would mean I would take the local road train to the store with my walker, which is also no great problem.


Although the store I now use is smaller than the one I had before, the selection is good and there is plenty of space to wheel around. It is also very rarely crowded.


As I leave the store I also manage to get a few camera shots of the near surroundings. Looking down the road I have a glimpse of our cathedral tower with the public platform.

And now to continue with recovering the beds with fresh linen, lifting the frame to get the dust out from below (although there is almost none) and otherwise deal with a few small household tasks. A woman’s work is never done, but we would be bored if it was I suppose.

Keep well everyone, Trust to see you around a little later.