RDP Wednesday: Snag


As you can see the snags of living with Covid 19 are on a notice in front of the supermarket door with the words “how to protect yourself”.

I am still living my carless life, and up to now no big problems. It is a smaller supermarket, but enough room to wheel around in and I am managing OK, you can even see my reflection in the door. Today I wanted to take a pack of coldcuts from the hook which was just a little far away. I was just getting ready to park the chair and stand up when a hand appeared from one side, removed the pack and gave it to me. What could be better? When I  arrived at the store, I was ready to throw my empty plastic bottle into the container when a  lady immediately asked if she could help and did it for me. There are so many wonderful people.

And now our government has given out the message that from mid June, when no snags occur in the meanwhile, everything will be back to almost normal, at least the new normal. People will go to work, will travel on busses and trains and will go shopping. All shops and restaurants will be open as normal. I am not sure about keeping a distance, as I have not read the official notice, but I saw in the last couple of weeks that new cases of the corona virus were less and less, not more than a flu attack.

There is still talk that there could be a second wave in Autumn due to the colder temperatures and other reasons, but I am no expert.  It looks like little Switzerland has almost got through it all.

RDP Wednesday: Snag

10 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Snag

    • We too as almost the only European country are almost back to normal, although we still keep safe distances. It has learned us to live carefully and not take everything for granted

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