FOWC with Fandango: Tub

Tabby in bath

Well I did not mean that sort of tub. We did not have a bath in our house in the East End of London, we did not have hot water, but had to boil it ourselves. We were a working class family and none of the houses in our area had a bathroom. In the 19th century houses for the lesser privileged were not built with such luxury, that was for the better-to-do.

Of course this did not mean that we did not have a tub. We had a metal tub and on Friday evening mum would fill it with hot water. It was not a large tub, but for a kid of 4-5 years it was big enough: and that was my bath night.

FOWC with Fandango: Tub

RDP Wednesday: Snag


As you can see the snags of living with Covid 19 are on a notice in front of the supermarket door with the words “how to protect yourself”.

I am still living my carless life, and up to now no big problems. It is a smaller supermarket, but enough room to wheel around in and I am managing OK, you can even see my reflection in the door. Today I wanted to take a pack of coldcuts from the hook which was just a little far away. I was just getting ready to park the chair and stand up when a hand appeared from one side, removed the pack and gave it to me. What could be better? When I  arrived at the store, I was ready to throw my empty plastic bottle into the container when a  lady immediately asked if she could help and did it for me. There are so many wonderful people.

And now our government has given out the message that from mid June, when no snags occur in the meanwhile, everything will be back to almost normal, at least the new normal. People will go to work, will travel on busses and trains and will go shopping. All shops and restaurants will be open as normal. I am not sure about keeping a distance, as I have not read the official notice, but I saw in the last couple of weeks that new cases of the corona virus were less and less, not more than a flu attack.

There is still talk that there could be a second wave in Autumn due to the colder temperatures and other reasons, but I am no expert.  It looks like little Switzerland has almost got through it all.

RDP Wednesday: Snag

Good Morning


What a wonderful morning. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and I am a golden oldie doing what I want to do and not what I have to. That would be so nice, but unfortunately the human has to survive and cannot live on fresh air alone and so I will again be on my way some time this afternoon  to the local store, but no problem. I have everything under control, at least I do. Yesterday the Swiss telephone system ruined my afternoon. It collapsed, with only a few areas, and very few, in the Southern part of the Italian speaking area that still had a few connections. You then realised that it is not only yourself that has the problems, but the complete infrastructure.

As I had nothing better to do yesterday afternoon I was planning on a little excursion into town to the store with the larger choice to see what the would have, especially in the butchers department. Anything I might buy I could have transported home by our collectors, but I realised there might be a problem. If all the telephones were not working, how would the store contact the pick up. Perhaps it was still working in a mysterious way, but I decided not to bother. I really did not have to buy anything, it would only be a tourist excursion. I also discovered yesterday that online ordering from my supermarket chain has now improved since the attack of the hairy peas, and they have a 2 day delivery. This means that I can stock up on the non perishables such as pasta, tinned goods, oil and large packets of stuff I might need. I began some time ago depositing non perishables in my laundry room which nice and dry and cool, as it is always good to have a stock of items you need now and again, and I have the room. At the moment I am enjoying my new function as organiser and logistic manager and it has a purpose. Mr. Swiss is also happy as none of the store branches near us stock the sweet he likes best, but as they are a product of our chain store, I can order them online.


Otherwise I did have a small surprise in my garden yesterday when I noticed the first carnation had opened its bud. Summer is really on the way it seems. I also noticed a couple of rose buds, but they are still thinking about it.


And my allium is developing perfectly with King Frog keeping an eye on it. There seems to be more than last year and it is probably expanding by means of seeds, or perhaps underground roots.  It actually belongs to the oinion-garlic family, but this one bears no such edible growths and just looks very pretty.

Today I also have no extras to deal with. Doors and windows were brought up to date at the beginning of the week, and it will be just the normal dust down and hoovering. I really do seem to live in a small world with only domestic problems.

Have a good day everyone, see you around.