RDP Tuesday: Bloom


I have been living since 20 years in our little village in Switzerland. I remember the apartment block(s) being built 22 years ago. Mr. Swiss and I were then quite active and young and would often take a walk in the area wondering how the building site would eventually develop where it was originally fields with some cows grazing.

One day we decided to buy something of our own, and after a few looks in the area we decided to move to our village. It is the next village to the town where we had been living, out in the green and was quite interesting from the local income tax point of view, having some people such as layers and doctors living there.

One wonderful advantage in Switzerland is that planning permission must be given before building anything, so you were sure not to buy something where later a factory would be built next to it.

Spaces had to be left in between the apartment blocks and small gardens were allowed on the ground floor apartments, such as ours. A wonderful idea was that the spaces in between were not left to stretches of lawn, but it was decided to have a natural meadow. The seeds were sown and we were surrounded by dandelions, some poppies, various grasses and reeds with some attractive flowering bushes and trees planted in between as the plants grew.

I have my little garden with some herbs and flowers, including even some roses that I planted and an apple tree, but the beauty of the bordering meadow during the summer surpasses it all. Daises and clover grow side by side until the second week of June. Then they have finished with blooms and the seeds have been scattered and the mowing machine arrives to remove it all, which is afterwards dried and used as hay to feed the animals during the Winter months.  For a while we are left with stalk remains, but the were still roots resting in the earth. When the end of August arrives the ground is again covered with growth promising that the wild flowers will return again, and indeed they do. In Spring of the following year the wild meadow has again claimed its ground. I love my meadow and to watch it develop and grow every year and watch the blooms unfold.

RDP Tuesday: Bloom

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