Good Morning


As you can see the sun is a little higher in the sky this morning.That is because It is almost midday instead of early in the morning. My wonderful cleaning lady is here so I have a somewhat different timetable. She has been busy in my bathroom, kitchen and shower and I have polished up all my front windows. Now the place is sparkling fresh and ready to get dirty again.


Yesterday was a real adventure for me. I wrote a little about it yesterday afternoon, so do not want to repeat too much, but I embarked on my first carless journey to the local store. It is not far and by electric wheelchair takes 5-10 minutes. Everything went fine. This store is never too crowded there is plenty of space to manoever and I found everything that I needed. I even got help from the assistant with a 6 1-1/2 liter bottle pack of Pepsi. I filled a large bag as well, and did not have to carry it home. The store tells a company called Collectors to bring it home to me. About after an hour of being home a guy called with it all, so what could be better.

I even have time after the shopping to do a little photography on the way home. The local road train was coming towards me. If it is bad weather, I can always hop on to it to the store, just two stops away. At the moment I am enjoying the good sunny weather and no more car stress on the road. I am really glad I made this decision.


I saw this wonderful wild flowers on my way home from the store. Internet tells me they are called knapweed, but even weeds have their charm.

When I arrived home I realised I had saved time.  This afternoon I have planned a visit to the store in town, about ten minutes away, but I just want to have a look around to see what they have on offer. I can also have my collectors team advised from this store to bring the goods home afterwards. I now have an annual subscription for them meaning I can always use their service as a shopping carrier.

I must now move on as my cleaning lady is finished and I have a few last touches to my dinner.

16 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I like to remember that weeds are the great-great-grandparents of flowers. I grow a lot of what are often considered wildflowers, but they are beautiful and very healthy and don’t get upset by too much or too little rain, or a late frost. And that’s a beautiful color, too! How are your orchids doing?

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  2. I am very happy your carless life is going so well so far and your cleaning lady is helping with the heavy word. Knapweed is a member of the thistle family and this family has yellow flowers but it can be an invasive weed. Enjoy the flowers but don’t let them go to seed as they will take over an area. Idaho uses goats on federal lands to clean up acres of knapweed, thistle, and another lovely yellow flower. the dried flowers add charm to a dry arrangement.

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      • When it blooms here, it reminds people of the knapweed that they are familiar with from somewhere else. Even though they are different species, they look similar. It is like Indian paint brush and Joe Pye weed in the sense that it is one of those well known wildflowers that I have never met.

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