FOWC with Fandango: Innuendo

Crow on a Wire 14.05 (1)

Today at 11.50 all the telephones in Switzerland were silent. Well almost all, if you do not include the bottom third of Switzerland on the map. They still had communications, but Maria in Lugano could not get through to Hans in Zürich as only Maria’s telephone in the south was working and Hans in the north had complete silence.

Of course I thought my telephone was kaput, my wonderful mobile iPhone that is my connection to life. I called Mr. Swiss who was sitting in the same room as myself, but nothing, not a silly little ringing tone. My telephone has the chimes of Big Ben in London, his is just the old fashioned ringing tone. There was no sound from my phone or that of Mr. Swiss. Both were dead, completely. We switched on the radio to hear the news. Perhaps there would be a mention of the dead telephone network in Switzerland, but we only had half an hour of the condition of the corona virus. Perhaps someone had breathed into their phone and all phones were now infected.

Eventually I began to examine internet and found the cause of the misery. Once again the Swiss telephone system had a breakdown, the fourth in this year, and the experts were searching for the cause. Was it a road system being newly built, could it be that one of our many crows had taken a wrong turning on an overhead telephone wire, or did someone pull out the plug.

We ate lunch without a telephone. I cleared away the dishes without a telephone and eventually went for my midday sleep, still without telephone.

I awoke from my midday sleep and my first action was to try to call Mr. Swiss who was now in the living room, three rooms away from the bedroom. I heard his telephone ringing. We were saved, it was functioning again at 3.00 p.m.

We can isolate, keep a safe distance from anything human and wash your hands every hour of the day, but without a telephone you are lost.

I know it isn’t an innuendo, although I was hurling a few profanities at the people working for the Swiss telephone system.

FOWC with Fandango: Innuendo

4 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Innuendo

    • It was both. Switzerland is not such a large country, eight million population, but it really shouldn’t happen and the fourth time this year. Funnily I could send Mr. Swiss an SMS message. It was the actual telephone that was not working.

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