FOWC with Fandango: Shortcut


My life from now on will be full of short cuts. Tomorrow morning I will say goodbye car and a guy from the garage will be picking it up. I will also be returning my driving licence tomorrow. The time has come for me to stop driving a car.

From now on it will be mainly wheelchair, perhaps walker to hold on to, train or bus, and I will become the champion of short cuts. I did my first experiment today. Five minutes by wheelchair to the next supermarket, about 45 minutes finding where everything is in the store, paying for the goods, packing them in a bag and handing it to the desk. The desk organises my shopping and advises a group called Collectors to pick it up. I even managed to include a pack of six 1-1/2 liter bottles of Pepsi. The lady in the store carried them to the cash desk for me and all I had to do was pay. The rest was all taken care of.

Afterwards I wheeled on home and discovered that the whole shopping experience took half an hour less than usual. Afterwards I settled on the porch with my computer and half an hour later the doorbell rang. The guy with my shopping had arrived already. He even carried it to the door for me.  What could be better?

Perhaps I am lucky to live in an area that is so well connected, but I am loving it. I even had time for a couple of photos on the way home.  With time when I get the new routine, I will become an expert and it will certainly only take half an hour for shopping. Tomorrow I do not have to go anywhere as I managed to buy enough today for two days as always, but I will probably go into town to have a look around and try out the supermarket in town, which is a little bigger. I am really becoming an adventurous Golden Oldie and I am loving it.

FOWC with Fandango: Shortcut

Good Morning


Looks like it will be a good day today. A good clear sunrise, and a wafty cloud above, so what could be better. I almost forgot to take today’s meat out of the freezer: nothing special, but when I buy it on Friday I have it vacuumed and I freeze it. It keeps nice and  fresh until Monday when I cook it for lunch. I go shopping in the afternoon usually. Morning shopping is not my thing. I then like to tidy up the apartment and get my thoughts sorted for the day. And today will be day one of the shopping experiment without a car, not that I am bothered too much. My only little problem is that I am not really sure what the local store has to offer in goods. I have been there a few times and have always found what I want. They do not have a butcher’s counter, but it is all packed meat, meaning I cannot say how many grammes I need, but have to take what is on offer. Not really a problem, I can always freeze the remainder.  I know many housewives that have no interest in buying their meat from a butcher and prefer to get it ready packed. If I have to get used to this new block WordPress system I suppose I can get used to buying packed meat.

What I will miss is buying my coldcuts unpacked, but I will have to see. Actually what’s the fuss. There is only me, Mr. Swiss and No. 1 son. No. 1 son eats everything that is served, whether prepacked or not. For him it just appears magically at the table. Mr. Swiss no longer eats as much as he used to, and I notice with age he is no longer as choosy as he used to be. And me – I am glad to get the shopping behind me.


Yesterday afternoon I escaped and decided to take a trip across the road to the upper village where most of the cows live. They were out enjoying the sunny afternoon and taking it easy. They were all relaxing in the grass.


Some chickens were also enjoying the fresh air and doing what chickens do for a living: just pecking around and clucking. I think they do the egg laying in the morning or during the night.


This chicken had managed to break out and was aimlessly wandering around searching for the way back to his house on wheels where all the others were.


I moved on through the cemetery, which is always a good path to take homewards. There were very few people there and I noticed how quiet it was. A stream runs through it, fed by water from the Jura mountains.

Eventually I went homewards again. When I reached home I was back on the computer uploading my photo. This time I had quite a few from my telephone, but also a couple from the camera.  I do not think that Mr. Swiss even noticed that I returned. He was where I left him with his iPad looking at a film. He now very rarely goes anywhere, although in the morning he took his wheelchair out for a trip around our estate. Life has many changes as you get older. I still reflect on the days gone by when we would perhaps go somewhere on a Sunday afternoon, even a walk along the river to town was good. We would perhaps call in at a restaurant in town for a drink. It is certainly amazing how life can have its fate as you grow older. We both have mobility difficulties, and the eight years difference in our age are noticeable. When I bought my wheelchair many were astonished, but no longer. I can still manage with my walker, but it is heavy-going to go far with it.

And now to attack my daily chores. Our local mountains really looked wonderful yesterday on my walk and the clouds were also forming a wonderful backdrop to it all. I wish you all a good start to the week.