FOWC with Fandango: Reference


I have discovered I have very intelligent flies this summer. They seem to be thirsty for knowledge and continuously explore the keyboard of my computer. I am sure this one’s name is either Jasper or John. He would not leave the letter “J” and remained there for quite a while, although it might be that I was eating a piece of cake and a crumb dropped between the keys.


Yes, that must be the solution. Here he (or perhaps she with the name of Josephine) was exploring how many bread crumbs were actually sitting at the base of the key. On the other hand this fly was probably thinking of getting away as it saw from the corner of its many eyes that I had the fly swatter ready and so it was moving nearer to the Escape key.

I told you our Swiss flies are very intelligent, there are no flies on them.

FPWC with Fandango: Reference

RDP Sunday: Journalist


After a year’s absence the smell of baking could again be noticed in the Angloswiss kitchen.

“Is there a reason for this Mrs. Angloswiss.”

“Of course, and I am delighted to welcome Mr. Fruity Spice to my kitchen for this interview featuring the newest developments from my oven.

The apricots have again appeared. After a year they have returned, large and fruity as ever. It was a difficult choice picking the right sizes and ripeness, but I was successful. I carefully prepared the baking dish, lining it with baking paper and a layer of pastry, trimming the edges to fit the shape. And then it got rather dangerous, but I survived: cutting each apricot in to quarters and placing them on the pastry is not risk free.

The sweat was pouring from my forehead.  Would there be enough apricots? I breathed a sigh of relief when I realised they fitted exactly.”

“Did you have any support from your family Mrs. Angloswiss, whilst you were embarking on the completion of this task.”

“No Mr. Spice, I was left to my own devices, but luckily there were no unforeseen accidents, no blood was drawn and I did not slip on any spilt liquids on the floor. I knew it would be a risky endeavour but I held on to the very end.. After placing the apricots in the pastry I baked them in the oven with the pastry for 20 minutes.”

“And you were successful?”

“Oh yes, I had switched on the timer on my iPhone to ensure that I had a signal when I had completed the first baking procedure. Now came the tricky part. I had mixed the eggs and cream, flavoured with sugar and a spoonful of cornflower ensured the liquid would  become firm under the heat process afterwards in the oven. I carefully poured the liquid over the apricots, ensuring that it did not spill over the edge of the pastry and again placed it in the oven. Can you imagine how relieved I was when the tart was finally finished and I removed it from the oven?”

“Of course Mrs. Angloswiss and no ingredients were harmed in the process?”

“No, not at all, not one apricot begged for mercy or screamed during the process.”

“I left the Angloswiss household with a good feeling after sampling a piece of apricot flan, washed down with an Angloswiss coffee, hearing the words uttered by Mr. Swiss “where is my piece?” ”

And life returned to normality in the Angloswiss household. I will be visiting Mrs Angloswiss for further reports on how the situation will develop throughout the fruit season.”

RDP Sunday: Journalist

Good Morning


I chose the photo from the back garden this morning. At least it has a little blue in it. In the meanwhile the sun has broken through and after a day of rain and grey skies yesterday, it looks like we are back to something more normal for this time of the year.


My largest hosta is now expanding its leaves again and I have problems putting slug pellets between them to keep the ever hungry marauders away from eating holes in the leaves. Up to now it has been a success. Last year I only had stalks left after they had chewed up everything.

I really wanted to go somewhere yesterday afternoon, but after a torrential downpour at the beginning of the afternoon, the rain remained, drizzling down steadily so no chance of wheeling anywhere. I decided to tidy up the car and remove all objets that were mine before it returns to the garage next week. I also had to fit the cover back at the back of the car, as it was never needed because I would put my walker in the back of the car as it needed more room.

This afternoon I will take a wheelie to the road train stop around the corner to get a book of tickets from the machine as I will probably be using it more now. I have a special permit for tickets at half price which saves quite a bit as the short journey into town from our village is not cheap. I now have to get travelling again by public transport, although I do not mind. You see a little more and there are people around you. Now the corona problem is at minimum risk in our area, the only thing to pay attention to is safe distance. Although I do not usually wear a mask I will always take one with me just in case.


I have now moved my birdhouse to another place, and it is no longer in front of my window as I sit at the computer. However, yesterday the birds paid me a visit. I am not an expert but this is some sort of chickadee  I think.


And I think this is what we call a great tit. Probably the kids have discovered that they can fly and do not need mum or dad for a worm supply.


The bees are still being busy in my garden and making the most of my sedum which is flowering at the moment.

Otherwise not very much happening here at the moment. Although the dreaded virus is now taking five somewhere, people are still reluctant to swarm out in numbers and rightly so. There are no summer festival days in town this year, no cheese days where the cows have a chance to come to town, and no music events.

October Monthly Market 10.09 (2)

Our monthly market that takes place on the second Monday of the month is now non-existant and the weekly fruit and vegetable market has been shifted to the outskirts of town with only half of the stalls permitted. This is the new way of life it seems.

My way of life continues as ever and I will now begin to cook lunch. I have a nice piece of ham, so I can forget it for a couple of hours while it is cooking and get on with something more interesting. I now have the habit of listening to one of my favourite local radio stations by earphones from my mobile phone whilst doing things – Radio 32 oldies – which is really good. All the music from the fifties up to the nineties – something I really like to sway to when mopping and hoovering. It seems as you get older conversation becomes a thing of the younger days.

Have a stressless Sunday everyone.