7 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Domestic

  1. I’m going to make chili. I’m hoping the beans will do what beans do. I’m not as sorry as I could be that meat is scarce and wildly expensive now. I think my body is yearning for vegetable and natural food. Between our nightly ritual of trying to figure out where Bonnie has wandered, we are both exhausted. I need salads! And at least that we can get locally.

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    • I often make chilli on Saturday evening. I have a new adventure with buying food as our local store does not have such a wide selection as the one I have used up to now, and I am now on my way with only the wheelchair, perhaps a local train now and again if it rains. I always try to make everything myself, but now tend to freeze bargains. It must be a worry with Bonnie, so hold on there.


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