Good Morning


It is a strange morning sky today, a bit of this and that. It even began to rain a little when I went outside, but after a few minutes stopped. Today there will be no experiments with block posts. I had my fill yesterday and still wonder what the difference or improvement is. I do not need blocks: sentences and paragraphs do the job just as well and I know where I am going.


I then saw a few blue patches above and now the sun is shining. The weather men did prophesy rain today, mainly this afternoon and evening, so I am wondering. I do not really have to go places today. The shopping was done yesterday on my last trip with the car to the store. There are some strange coincidences sometimes. When I was approaching my garage yesterday, for the first time in my car I got a signal that I should tank up with gas, although I still had enough for 70 kilometres. I usually tank up before I get the warning, but as I am becoming carless next week I did not bother. The garage will be picking up my car some time at the beginning of the week and as it is only about 4 kilometres away they will have enough gas to get there, actually almost to Zürich. Technically I can still drive, but I am no longer going to touch a car in my life time and will be organising the return of my driving licence at the beginning of the week.

I did not grow up in a car family. My dad never took a driving test, and mum always regarded a car as something the others have and my parents both realised they could not afford a car. . I suppose I have a different attitude to cars than others and do not regard it as a necessity. I always preferred long journeys in a train. The funny thing is that my dad worked for Ford Car Company in the Dagenham plant in England in the wheel department for at least 50 years.


And how is my garden growing? Quite well actually although my Asian peonies are now also on their last petals. All good things come to an end.


On the other hand the allium is still developing and more buds have opened,  I have had the allium for a few years, but it has never looked so good as this year.

I am not sure what to do with my day today. If the weather holds this afternoon I might go places on a wheelie in my chair, perhaps even visit the local supermarket, although I am covered with provisions for the week-end. It will be just a case of getting out for a change of scenery and life’s events. I do so like a bit of action in my day and now realise how much I missed it in my days of isolation. We are quite good now in Switzerland with the hairy peas floating in the air, but still being careful. We have a few cases of infections, but not so many and the hospitals are back to normal, although they never had a problem with coping. The next obstacle to overcome will be to see how the virus develops in Autumn.

And now to move on with the daily programme. Have a good week-end all, may it be a good one.