FOWC with Fandango: Block


I noticed these two guys renewing a roof on one of my wheelies this week, fixing the new blocks to the roof.

Otherwise the only thing that comes to my mind in the sense of the work “block” is the new WordPress system that they will be forcing us to use from 1st June. This morning, with all good intentions, I used it and my verdict is “I do not have the time to play with blocks”. There is another life next to blogging. When I opened the bloggy window on the new page, I saw that I have at least 10 various blocks to choose from. I could not longer see the screen for so many blocks. Big deal, and thenI opened another window and discovered that I have the same blocks to choose from, but just in a difference place. I spent another half an hour searching for my settings that I need when I finish a blog. I found them, but have now forgotten where they were.

Actually I found everything I needed, but because they were distributed all over the template, I forgot where they were afterwards. After spending double as much time as usual on writing a pure, simple Good Morning piece of work, I suddenly found the alternative old system. I am now writing again with the old system. No more blockheads in the way. Why complicated when it can be easy and who does this new system benefit? Perhaps the WordPress people were bored and someone had a dream.

Brick Wall 12.08.2018

FOWC with Fandango: Block

Good Morning

This is really not easy. Today I am using this new unnecessary block system for my blog and after two starts I seem to be getting somewhere. I am too old for this sort of thing, but I must persevere. From 1st June it will be the idea to use and I am not a happy bunny.

Anyhow I have made a beginning and after two tries even managed to add a photo of today’s morning sky. Not the sun as the sun is now doing the same every morning, just shining down on us. Instead a view towards our Jura mountains on the other side.

What makes it a little more difficult is that I took another camera with me on my wheelie yesterday and the photo sizes are a little smaller and I have had to adapt the size to this blog. Anyhow I met these two pigeons on my way that seemed to be celebrating Spring life although he was playing hard to get.

And then I decided to pay a visit to our local stork nest. It must be at least two months and I had no idea how they were settling in. It seems there was only one stork in the nest. I don’t know if there was a partner and baby storks as I had not been there for some time. This stork seems to be quite happy, so I assume that the family were on a fly out.

Yesterday was a national holiday for Ascension Day, so there was not a lot going on anywhere and I saw very few people.

However some stores are preparing for the garbage disposal as soon as the holiday is finished. Life is really getting back to almost normal and I noticed that there are really some interesting bargains to be had in the various stores, ridding themselves of the virus surplus. 25% less on everything is quite a good bargain, although if you are not encouraged like myself. saving 100% is even better.

It is one of those days when in good weather, everyone takes a drive somewhere. As drives anywhere have been quite few and far between due to our virus, people are now making the most of it. It seems some places were again getting a little overcrowded and people are slowly getting back to the pre virus way of life. The Swiss were quite disciplined in the days of lockdown, but even they are now breaking out and crowding a little too much on riverside beaches.

My only journeys are only for shopping purposes and this afternoon I will be on one of my last excursions by car to the next village to the supermarket. From next week it will all be local and no more travelling stress on the road. I have to visit the car authorities today for a road check on my car and then the coast is clear.

I took a photo from town yesterday on one of our main squares showing the Swiss reform church on the left and one of our towers on the right which also contains a small theater.

And that is my first attempt at this new block system from WordPress. I suppose I will get used to it, but at the moment it is a matter of trial and error, more error than anything else and re doing until I find where everything is. Do I really need this? Definitely not, I was so happy with the system I had. I like to have a general word count when blogging and with a little searching I even found that part of the new landscape. There are so many different aspects of this new unwanted thing, that I will probably need half a year until I find them all. I just like to write and upload photos. I do not need to aim for the Blogging Pulitzer Prize.

And bravo, I just found the categories template, another five minute search, but I will not let them beat me, I will conquer this unwanted system.