RDP Thursday: The Blues


It is really a blue day today. I went for a wheelie this afternoon and combined the quest for blue on my travels. I arrived in town and saw the wonderful contrast between our cathedral and opposite building against the blue sky. There was not even a cloud to be seen.


I wheeled on and saw this blue glass sphere reflecting a blue sky with a few clouds, so what could be better.

And I leave you with the song “Azzurro” from Paolo Conte, one of my favourite singers. He composes the songs himself, plays piano – a style he calls himself “razzamatazz” in his own style of Italian English. He was originally a lawyer. His music eventually became so popular, that I do not think he still is a lawyer, but I love the man, his music and songs and have quite a collection of his recordings. Azzurro became a very popular song sung by the Italian singer Adriano Celentano, but many forgot that the original and writer was Paolo Conte.  I just found that singing Azzurro was a good finale to the blue theme.

RDP Thursday: The Blues

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