Good Morning


If you happen to watch my blog every day, you can see whether I hug the bed or not in the morning, depending on the position of the sun. Do we have high noon morning or not, and today the sun was almost saying get out of bed. Sometimes it is so good to do something completely different. Mr. Swiss reminds me today is a holiday, being Ascension Day, so there is no rush.  What is a holiday? A day when all the shops are closed, but my golden oldie days are permanent holidays I suppose. So I eventually dragged myself out of bed, did the normal morning preparations and have now had breakfast and taken a few photos for the day.


Our meadow bordering the garden is looking good, everything that nature does when it has a free range.


I noticed yesterday afternoon that we have bees everywhere at the moment enjoying the sunny afternoons and doing whatever bees do. They are really very busy creatures and when I want to take a photo, they buzz off again. Luckily the telephone camera gives me a choice of moving photos to choose the one that looks best. I would love to catch one in full flight, but they are too quick.

Yesterday was again a trip to the store, although I really did not have to get so much. Since I began to get two of everything, putting the second choice in the deep freeze or on my storage table in the nice cool laundry room, I really have no need to buy so much. I just keep my eye open for special offers, and put the extras in the cellar.. I made a note that this week the local supermarket had a special on the washing powder I use for my machine. One box has a little more than a month’s supply for me and they were offering two boxes for the price of one, so I naturally jumped at the chance and am now comfortable for two months washing. I know it sounds a bit silly, but what else does a golden oldie have to occupy itself with.

I really missed by wheelie yesterday into town and to the local supermarket. It will be my new routine when the car is gone. I organised my annual subscription for having the goods picked up and brought home from the supermarket yesterday. Just choose the goods at the store, pay and give it to the customer service and go home. The rest is done for me: a new way of life. I will even have more time to pop into town and not stick to my normal routine.

Today I will probably take a wheelie this afternoon. The weather is looking fine and and sunny and it will be just a trip, perhaps even to the outskirts of town. I have enough time. I only wish that Mr. Swiss would venture out more. I managed to persuade him to take a wheelie in his chair this week, but he only does the immediate surroundings. I am hoping to get him to the hill to the local castle. However he is also quite happy at home. It is a different life when both have their mobility problems.

I notice that WordPress is constantly reminding me that their block system of blogging will soon no longer be such a choice, but a must, although I believe you can still stick the old system (which is actually also new, but no longer as new as it was). I suppose I will even conquer that, but ask why should I.

And now to catch up with lost time, although I have no important appointments today, just a meeting with the kitchen stove to cook dinner and prepare an evening meal.


My iris is really developing nicely in the garden, but I notice I should hurry for some photos. Suddenly they will also be gone for a year and the roses will be blooming. Since having a garden for the past 20 years life’s routine adapt’s to nature’s timetable.

25 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • It really is a wonderful meadow. It grows from early spring to mid Summer until the seeds have spread for next year and then the grass is dried as hay for winter food for the animals.

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  1. You really took care of going carless so quickly. Nothing is that close in my town, so what you are doing sounds wonderful to me. One of our local stores always advertises their BOGOs (buy one get one) on Wednesday so we were at the store yesterday for our bargains. The block editor……I am resisting the urge to ‘give it a try’ and will have to wait and see how it works. I will have to, of course, come around to it, but am not a proponent of this change based on what I have heard from other bloggers. The wheels of change keep turning, and so shall I. Have a good day, Pat.

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    • Old age has caught up on me and I am no longer feeling so certain on the roads and so it is time to stop riving. Mr. Swiss no longer drives for the same reason and I am not getting any younger. I am not looking forward t the block editor, I am really happy with what I now have. Why are they always repairing things when they are not broken.

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  2. It has been raining so much the floodplains of the river are flooding. WordPress I struggle with the blocks an just now understanding it and it will changed June 1. I keep trying to get the WordPress payment correct. Thought it was correct but the office used the outdated card. Have great day.

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    • I also once had a problem with a card, because I had a new one with a new number and it had not yet arrived. they were also trying with the old card. I don’t know how that block system is going to work with WordPress, but I suppose it is a matter of getting used to it like most things. Hope your floods soon recede.


      • My last posts were made using the block system. Confusing me is the reuseable block and mange reuseable blocks. I sure like the ability to have circles on arond images and the ablity to made them different sizes. When I find the right settings it a snap to made thumnail, and other sizes. There are several settings. Good Luck

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  3. Good Morning.
    I have not been to work yet, so it is nice to see the iris already! I miss my old iris SO much, but will get them back soon enough. (I send copies away. They proliferated in another garden, so I can get copies back.) There are a few iris here, which I will get copies of this autumn, to add to my collection. Iris are like that. They are memories of homes I have lived in and places I have been, and a few places I have not been.

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    • When I live in London many years ago, I was still a kid then, I remember my granddad had an iris in his garden. It was a yellow iris with some red highlights and it had always been there apparently. It must have been at least 50 years old when I was a still a kid at home. Unfortunately it disappeared some time and the houses exist no longer.

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      • My Iris pallida came from the garden of my maternal-maternal great grandmother, and she might have gotten it from her mother. My great niece now enjoys it, at least six generations later. That is probably why it is my favorite.

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    • It seems to be perfect weather for photos at the moment. I think there is an alternative to stay with the olds system instead of the new block way of life. I am just to tired and old and really do not want to change everything.


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