FOWC with Fandango: Classic

There is classical music and classical music. We all know about Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin to name a few, but what about Charles Ives. He was an American composer, but something a little different. There are no tunes that you could hum along to, or even remember afterwards. I am no expert, but what he wrote was really something completely different.

I read somewhere that he once organised 2-3 bands to march towards a central point from various streets, each playing a different tune. His most well known piece is “The Unanswered Question” in the above video. I do not think it is a question of liking or not liking it, but just listening and forming an opinion. Charles Ives did things completely different: classical music with a difference.

FOWC with Fandango: Classic

RDP Thursday: The Blues


It is really a blue day today. I went for a wheelie this afternoon and combined the quest for blue on my travels. I arrived in town and saw the wonderful contrast between our cathedral and opposite building against the blue sky. There was not even a cloud to be seen.


I wheeled on and saw this blue glass sphere reflecting a blue sky with a few clouds, so what could be better.

And I leave you with the song “Azzurro” from Paolo Conte, one of my favourite singers. He composes the songs himself, plays piano – a style he calls himself “razzamatazz” in his own style of Italian English. He was originally a lawyer. His music eventually became so popular, that I do not think he still is a lawyer, but I love the man, his music and songs and have quite a collection of his recordings. Azzurro became a very popular song sung by the Italian singer Adriano Celentano, but many forgot that the original and writer was Paolo Conte.  I just found that singing Azzurro was a good finale to the blue theme.

RDP Thursday: The Blues

Good Morning


If you happen to watch my blog every day, you can see whether I hug the bed or not in the morning, depending on the position of the sun. Do we have high noon morning or not, and today the sun was almost saying get out of bed. Sometimes it is so good to do something completely different. Mr. Swiss reminds me today is a holiday, being Ascension Day, so there is no rush.  What is a holiday? A day when all the shops are closed, but my golden oldie days are permanent holidays I suppose. So I eventually dragged myself out of bed, did the normal morning preparations and have now had breakfast and taken a few photos for the day.


Our meadow bordering the garden is looking good, everything that nature does when it has a free range.


I noticed yesterday afternoon that we have bees everywhere at the moment enjoying the sunny afternoons and doing whatever bees do. They are really very busy creatures and when I want to take a photo, they buzz off again. Luckily the telephone camera gives me a choice of moving photos to choose the one that looks best. I would love to catch one in full flight, but they are too quick.

Yesterday was again a trip to the store, although I really did not have to get so much. Since I began to get two of everything, putting the second choice in the deep freeze or on my storage table in the nice cool laundry room, I really have no need to buy so much. I just keep my eye open for special offers, and put the extras in the cellar.. I made a note that this week the local supermarket had a special on the washing powder I use for my machine. One box has a little more than a month’s supply for me and they were offering two boxes for the price of one, so I naturally jumped at the chance and am now comfortable for two months washing. I know it sounds a bit silly, but what else does a golden oldie have to occupy itself with.

I really missed by wheelie yesterday into town and to the local supermarket. It will be my new routine when the car is gone. I organised my annual subscription for having the goods picked up and brought home from the supermarket yesterday. Just choose the goods at the store, pay and give it to the customer service and go home. The rest is done for me: a new way of life. I will even have more time to pop into town and not stick to my normal routine.

Today I will probably take a wheelie this afternoon. The weather is looking fine and and sunny and it will be just a trip, perhaps even to the outskirts of town. I have enough time. I only wish that Mr. Swiss would venture out more. I managed to persuade him to take a wheelie in his chair this week, but he only does the immediate surroundings. I am hoping to get him to the hill to the local castle. However he is also quite happy at home. It is a different life when both have their mobility problems.

I notice that WordPress is constantly reminding me that their block system of blogging will soon no longer be such a choice, but a must, although I believe you can still stick the old system (which is actually also new, but no longer as new as it was). I suppose I will even conquer that, but ask why should I.

And now to catch up with lost time, although I have no important appointments today, just a meeting with the kitchen stove to cook dinner and prepare an evening meal.


My iris is really developing nicely in the garden, but I notice I should hurry for some photos. Suddenly they will also be gone for a year and the roses will be blooming. Since having a garden for the past 20 years life’s routine adapt’s to nature’s timetable.