FOWC with Fandango: Stash


Everyone to their own stash. Mr. Swiss likes it sweet and hot and the Ice Splitter sweets are his favourite. That is why there are two bags in his drawer to make sure supplies last. He is also keen on the exploding sweets: those with the  spicy fillings that melt slowly with their internal suprise, but they have to be fruity as well.


I am more for the melting kind, the chocolate bars, but I like them from the refrigerator where  they keep cool. My favourites are the dark chocolate or the white chocolate. There again Mr. Swiss begs to differ and if he eats chocolate, it has to be the milky kind sometimes with a fruity filling.

Isn’t it a wonder that we ever formed a partnership for life with such different tastes. And so each has their own stash.

FOWC with Fandango: Stash

Good Morning


And it looks like it will be a good one. Yesterday evening some grey clouds were gathering and I had the feeling that we might get some rain during the night, but it stayed away and it is another friendly day today. More good news is that it seems that the coronus virus has decided to almost leave us Swiss on our own. There was news yesterday that our hospitals no longer are treating any victims and there are now very few new infections, although there is still cause to be careful. No-one really knows how this pandemic will develop further,  but it seems to have reduced itself to another flu gender of illness, at least in Switzerland. I know not all countries are lucky enough to have this situation. There are still some careless people here that think it is a signal to congregate on the street on Saturday evening or otherwise for a drink in a sidewalk bar, and they are not only a danger to themselves, but also others. However, I can be happy that our region has no such idiots and I feel quite safe now. Our stores are still under restrictions according to how many customers are allowed in to shop, but I have never had to wait.


Yesterday  I took another wheelie into town. On the way I had my first view is of our Jura mountains and I saw that even the clouds joined in to complete the picture.  I really now feel the benefit of being out again in the wide open spaces.

I wheeled on into town.


I took the back path so that I did not have to make the bumpy journey over the cobble stoned ways of the old town and so approached the town by way of our Biel gate, so called because if you follow the road from here afterwards you would arrive in the town of Biel/Bienne after about half an hour. I actually wanted to see how far I could get with my wheelchair, perhaps to my large store in a village just on the outskirts of town. I soon realised that the way was not so easy to conquer as there were too many side roads with steeper crossings. However after thought I realised I could take another way which would avoid more traffic and side roads. I am really now practicing for my days without a car.

Eventually I made my way home and decided to call in at the most local store I have for a couple of items to see how it works from a wheelchair. It is all a little new land for me. Up to now it was just an occasional store visit, but now it will become a new way of life. I discovered nothing could  be easier. There was good space to move in the chair and I managed quite independently, which is important for me. There was something I needed from a top shelf, but suddenly a young man asked what I needed seeing my endeavours to reach, and he handed me what I required.  At the till was also no problem. I paid with plastic in the machine (it is now also preferred since Kovid arrived) and enquired at their help desk about home deliveries. Now I am completely in the picture and am quite happy with my new way of life. I still have my car, but next week I want to get rid of it forever.


On the way home I saw that the farmer had let the horses out for a graze in the meadow. Another wonderful pick-me-up to see.


And there were also some wild flowers lining the path as I wheeled on homewards. I just love these ragged robin flowers. It seems it likes damp places in the sun. I often see it growing here and we also have some in our neighbouring wild flower meadow.

And now it is time for the daily chores. Today I will again be off to the local store, one of my last journeys by car. Tomorrow is Ascension Day and everything will be closed in Switzerland, one of our annual holidays.