RDP Tuesday: Call

New Migros Baselstrasse 23.11 (4)

Today I felt the call of the supermarket, but not my usual store which is a drive away in another village. I am still practicing for life without a car. This store is just along the road from me, about five minutes by wheelchair and just perfect. It opened last year in November.  Our national supermarkets in Switzerland have the name of Migros, although we also have Co-op and various other smaller stores, but Migros is my favourite. Their advertisements on the TV tell us constantly that the Migros belong to everyone. Perhaps not exactly, but I feel comfortable there.

And so today on my way home from a wheelie in town enjoying the sunny weather, I dropped in on this Migros which will probably become my local. Migros come in various sizes and this is a so-called “M”. There is also the next larger version, the “MM” which is in our local town, just a little further along the road, and has a butchers department. The “M” just has packed meat and groceries. And then there is the “MMM” with a bit of everything including clothes,  which is the one I have been visiting up to now.

I decided to enter in my wheelchair, found that it was not overcrowded (keep your distance due to corona virus) and I could move around quite comfortably. I bought a couple of items I needed. I discovered an extra wide entrance to a cash desk which suited me perfectly with my wheelchair and the guy was very helpful when I paid for the goods and told me to ask if I had any problems. Afterwards I moved on to their pick up station, for assistance in bringing goods home. I wanted to get information how it functioned. It was next to the till and all I have to do is pack my goods in a bag or two and bring them to the pick up desk. I pay for the pick up and afterwards they contact the company that bring the goods home by bicycle with carrying attachment. I also learned that I can pay an annual subscription which simplifies the process as I do not have to fill out a form each time, but just show my card. As this supermarket it so near I would no longer have  to divide my shopping to three times a week, but could just pop along when necessary.

They also have the mineral water and pepsi 6-bottle packs and If I need one they would organise it in the store to add to my shopping. I would only be allowed one 6-bottle pack at a time, but that is no problem. I rarely buy both together and if I need two I can get the second pack the next day.

I think I am going to enjoy life without a car when I go shopping. And if I really want a little more, I just wheel a little further into town and see what they have on the butchers counter.

RDP Tuesday: Call

2 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Call

  1. Great idea. And so well planned.we also plan to possibly live w/o a car when ours renders its soul. It’s a bit complicated as we need transportation several times a week but we are considering other solutions.

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