Good Morning


I did not really want to use this photo from this morning, as it is almost the same as yesterday, but not quite: the sun is even more vivid and strong. It really looks like we will be having a summer this year and no sign of rain up to now.


There is something else that is becoming a regular appearance in the morning. As I raised the blinds in the kitchen there he was already waiting, the neighbours cat Roschti. He seems to spend more time at my place than the human he owns at the moment. He just waits silently outside for an opportunity to enter for food as Tabby’s food bowls are just behind the door. At the beginning he would disappear as quickly as he arrived when he saw me, but now he just acts if I did not exist and munches away. He ignores me when I tell him to go, and even gives me a friendly rub when I approach. You just have to like him despite his take over bids.


Even a few birds still arrive to see if there is anything on offer. Word has spread in the local animal kingdom that there is some to eat at my place.

I had to call in at the chemists yesterday for Mr. Swiss medication and also picked up something for me that my neurologist had prescribed. It seems there is a relatively new medicine to ease the ministry of funny walks syndrome that you have as an accompaniment to MS. The doc said I could try it to see if it works. I took one tablet yesterday evening, awoke at 3 in the morning with an attack of giddiness, my head was spinning all the time. I thought something like that might happen as when I read the brochure to the tablets, there were more disadvantages than advantages. Today I will call the doc to tell him that it is a no go for me. After almost five years of silly walks, I prefer my silly manageable walk to a giddy head and that was with one tablet only. If I continue to increase the dosage as prescribed who knows where my head will be eventually. And I still feel the effects, although now not so much. I am glad I do not have to go anywhere in particular today, just a free choice and driving a car would be out of the question at the moment.


Flowers are appearing everywhere in the garden at the moment and my allium has at last opened almost all its flowers.


Not to mention my Asian peony which are really doing a wonderful job this year. We might all be suffering from the hairy pea virus, but certainly not nature which seems to be compensating.

I announced yesterday that I am seriously thinking about getting rid of my car as I no longer really need it, and for the very few occasions where it would be necessary (doctor visit, dentist etc.) I can take the bus or even a taxi if necessary. Otherwise we have an organisation called “collectors” which bring the goods home that you have bought in the supermarket. As I am dependent on my wheelchair, they would be ideal. I can leave the goods I buy in the supermarket. They organise it and pack it and it is brought home a couple of hours later. To explain how it works, here is a video. It is in our local Swiss German dialect unfortunately as in english it would be of no use to us Swiss. However, it gives you an idea of how it happens.

In the meanwhile they have a new central office where it is all organised and have expanded quite a lot. It began with 4 bikes and now they have at least 10 when not more.

Today would be a cleaning lady day, but she is still suffering with rib pains. I hope that she is feeling better soon.

And now I am off to do other things in the apartment. Today is going to be a nice relaxing day, no special chores and perhaps a wheelie this afternoon. Have fun, may you have a good day.


14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good. Morning and how fabulous your garden looks. So many wonderful colours- gorgeous. My friend has also decided to no longer have a car, she lives in the town and can easily walk to shops if needs be, she takes a taxi or bus to further afield places, and of course there are always friends to help out in an emergency. It must save a lot of money as keeping a car- even when not often used is costly. It seems you are all set up with food deliveries etc.. Have a lovely day, it promises to be sunny and warm here until Thursday and then maybe some thunderstorms! Not good for the delicate flowers and blossom! hey ho 🙂


  2. Good Morning.
    Doing without a car sounds . . . well, to me, it sounds daunting. I do not walk very far, and there is not much close to here. I suppose for those who live in a town where everything is within limited proximity, and there are other options for transportation, it would not be so difficult. (California is not as old as Europe, and much of it was developed after cars were very common. Consequently, we have become reliant on them.)

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  3. What a lovely bright morning it is ! The Asian peony is really looking wonderful. Even I am thinking of selling my car but only to buy a new one as you just cannot survive without private vehicle due to poor state of public transport service. glad to visit your page after such a long time. Will visit more frequently now.


    • Long time no hear. Glad you are keeping OK. I am not getting younger, have MS and it is time to slow down a little. I can manage without the car. I live quite near the stores


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