RDP Monday: Surrender

My car

I surrender. Do I really need a car? No more hoping for a free parking spot for the handicapped. I have come to the conclusion that I do not need a car. I only drive to the supermarket three times a week. I did a test at the week end and went in my electric wheelchair to the supermarket in the local town. It has been reorganised, much better and everything on the ground floor. I can shop easily and when I have my goods, it will be packed in bags, perhaps two or three according to how much I buy.

We have a “collectors” organisation. They take your shopping and bring it home to you within 2-3 hours for a minimum charge, all done by bicycle with a large attachment for the goods. They have a desk in all the main supermarkets where it is all organised. Of course if I have a few urgent things I need I can take them myself, but otherwise why do I have to have a car, pay for petrol, insurance and all the other trimmings. I am not getting younger and to be quite honest I no longer enjoy being on the road and so I have decided – no more car and enjoy the rest that remains by being free to travel where I want to and not on the roads to the store.

Mr. Swiss and I no longer go places in the car. If necessary to travel we have a very good bus system and rail system and at last I can relax and no more stress. We have a store just along the road, one in town and even in the next village which is all possible to reach with my electric wheelchair. So watch this space, there will be more to say.

RDP Monday: Surrender

22 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Surrender

    • I do not need the local bus as I have my electric wheelchair. I have just 5-10 minutes to town to the store. I rarely go anywhere by train, but if necessary the local road train runs through our village and I can go on it and take my walker with me. Mr. Swiss no longer goes anywhere. I just had to check on shopping possibilities but it is ideal and I really do not want to drive a car.

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      • You’ve got it all under control. It would be a great savings, not only on gas and insurance, but on your sanity–not having to drive on narrow roads or through detours. Sounds like a smart thing to give up.

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  1. Sounds like you have put a lot of thought into it, weighed the pros and cons of each choice and have decided. Good for you. Glad your location has what you need within reach without having a car. It should save you a bundle over time.

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