RDP Sunday: Overcome


Meet Roschti, a neighbour’s cat. He has no problems with overcoming anything. He owns my neighbour who tends to his needs.  In the meantime I have discovered the my other neighbour also feeds him when he arrives in his garden with bits and pieces from dinner. I happened to meet the guy that Roschti owns a couple of days ago and told him that Roschti makes regular appearances at my place. He laughed and said he wondered where he disappeared to now and again.

I took this photo yesterday. Poor little Roschti was again hungry, and in a moment when I was not looking he walked through the open window and decided to see how the food tasted at our place. It seemed to meet his approval, with the result that I now make sure that the window door is closed when I leave the kitchen. He is actually eating Tabby’s special food for kidney problems which costs a little more, but at least Roschti will not be having any kidney problems. Felines overcome everything.

They just wait for a chance and then they pounce.

RDP Sunday: Overcome

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