Good Morning


How’s that for a wonderful morning start: blue skies, sun and if I could add sound to it you could hear the birds singing. I hope the day stays that way.

Yesterday afternoon was also bright and sunny although a nip in the air, but I did it, I saddled my wheelchair and took a journey into the unknown. I realised it was a long time since I ventured out into the world in the afternoon. We had lockdown, people isolated and my only endeavour of an outside life was the journey to the supermarket and home for food supplies. I had no interest in taking risks otherwise. However I had a quest yesterday. I decided to visit the supermarket in town on my wheelie, just to see how it would be going shopping independently and only with my wheelchair.


It was a good feeling to be out again and see other people and sights. The river was as it always is, a few boats and rafts the the restaurant on the bank was full of people, although somewhat restricted due to the distancing effect still remaining from our lockdown laws.


One of our main squares in town was quite empty of people for a Saturday afternoon, but I think the appetite of mass congregations is still to be enjoyed with caution. Sidewalk cafés were well occupied, but with less tables and chairs, everything a little reduced. It was a good feeling to see people moving, talking to each other and generally making the most of again being free to enjoy life.


Although outside some stores there was often a small queue, one of the restrictions being only so many people allowed inside. There was always someone posted at the entrance to tell you when you could enter. The wide entrances were blocked with tape and entrance was only allowed in a space enough for one person. I noticed a smaller drug store with one person inside and three waiting outside. This is the new norm it seems. We are still being very careful in Switzerland.

I actually had a quest. I wanted to visit one of the larger grocery stores in town, but this time in my wheelchair.


As it is electric, it is quite large, but very good in manoeuvring and has a small turning circle making it easy to curve around in a store. I was just on a trial run to see how it would be possible to cope with daily shopping if necessary. The store is a larger one and would have everything I would need with groceries all on the ground floor. I was comfortable wheeling around inside, but how could I get my shopping home with such a limited place on the chair? No problem it seems. I would be able to give up my shopping packed in various carrier bags and our town system called collectors, consisting of bikes with large attached containers, would bring it home to me. The store would organise it all. If I needed mineral water with 6 large bottles it would be no problem. Of course not a free service,  costing the same as a bus fare, but very reasonable and you would only have to wait a couple of hours to get the goods, delivered on the same day. Being handicapped I very much rely on such services and this would be ideal for me: another step towards being again independent which is very important to me. I dislike having to rely on other people. I could also combine my shopping trip with a journey to town.

My next escapade will be a trip to my normal store which is a little outside of town, but measured by distance, not so much more. I just want to try it out. They also have a service from the so-called “collectors” to bring my shopping home. As my wheelchair has a wide range of about 20-30 kilometers when the battery is fully charged, it should really be no problem. I am also looking into having a small extension attached to my chair to carry more goods as at the moment I have no great possibility except from that that I could put into a bag.


Whilst in town I got a photo of this guy outside the cathedral. on his fountain. Things are gradually returning to almost how it was. It was wonderful to be in the hustle and bustle of town life again and I realised what I had been missing in life. And today another small journey is planned, but this time just to the local castle and the accompanying farm. I am missing my chickens and horses.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning, there is a thin cloudy this morning and a slight wind blowing cold. We started stage 2 yesterday. Have safe day and enjoy your trip to see the horses and chickens.


    • I spent a week in New York many years ago and there were certainly a lot of tourists. It is similar to London. I cannot imagine those places with their empty streets.


  2. With all that helpful delivery, that looks like a really good solution. But how do you handle the basket and fill it from the chair? They have these on site at our grocery, but they don’t deliver. NO ONE delivers anything. it is very frustrating.

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    • It is a private organisation that deliver, it began last year in town and is a big success. Just young guys that go by bike, pick up the goods and deliver home. We are not a large town and even when I live in a village it is really just five minutes by bike. It is also very reasonable for delivery, just a couple of francs and a lot cheaper than the gas I would use in the car as well as other car costs. One basket is easy to fill from the chair. I bring each full basket to the customer service and they organise it in bags for transport. I can also pay at customer service.


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