FOWC with Fandango: Circle

Road to Bellach via Solothurn (13)

Circles are springing up everywhere. It used to be a straight road with a couple of traffic lights on the way, but now a circle has been planted in the middle of the road. Actually there are three altogether, all nicely spaced out. Is it an opportunity for an artist to show his creation, or another puzzle to solve when driving?

This is sure, they are here to stay and if the local road authorities are bored, someone draws a circle on paper and it arrives on a straight road.

Solothurn 02.07 (8)

They even planted flowers of this one, and rail tracks run through it.

FOWC with Fandango: Circle

RDP Saturday: Rosy Hues


I know it does not look very rosy, but the buds have only just appeared. It has only just begun to realise that it is a rose, a climbing rose. In a couple of weeks, perhaps less, it will be a climbing rosy rose.


Something like this, although this was a few years ago.

Roses 07.07 (4)

When it really gets going we have roses everywhere outside.

Rose Hips 22.10 (3)

And eventually the rosy petals fall, and the flower just leaves its seeds behind to remind it was there.

I planted the climbing rose 15 years ago and it still returns every year in its full glory.

RDP Saturday: Rosy Hues

Good Morning


At last a good looking sky in the morning to set you up for the day: a blue background and interesting clouds. It also looks quite promising with the temperatures, so what could be better. Yesterday was a shopping safari and so now I am stocked up with food until Monday lunchtime and can isolate or go places and see things. If the energy remains, I might just saddle my wheelchair again. I did a check this morning and it has enough power and does not need to be uploaded. I have not used it for the past couple of weeks: lockdown is lockdown.

Although it seems, according to various people that know it all better, it would not have been so necessary in little Switzerland. We reached the so called peak in the second week of March already and things did not deteriorate afterwards. Perhaps that was because we did have a lockdown – who knows. At the beginning I had my heart in my mouth when shopping. I am a golden oldie, have diabetes and MS and definitely belonged to the group with underlying health problems, which meant I should have been in isolation and found someone to do my shopping for me.

My first though was online shopping, but forget it. Everyone was online shopping and I would have at least a week if not two until the shopping actually arrived in front of my door. There were no free slots. And so I continued as always, braving the virus and entering the supermarket and above all, choosing my own goods to buy and not leaving it to a helpful person that would do it for me. I also realised eventually that there were advantages. No-one was shopping, the store was half empty and there was plenty to buy in good quality- Even toilet rolls appeared again after the first panic buy.

And today almost 8 weeks later, the kids are back to school, the stores are again all open in town and there is no talk about staying at home. Some are criticising our government for being over careful, but were they? Perhaps it had been a different outcome if we had not been so cautious. I think behind all these new facts, there is a little business brooding. After all the economy suffered and we are facing a recession, as are most of the countries in the world and now we are back trying to save our economy.  However nature has improved, the air quality is better and the roads were nice and empty during the whole thing.

Perhaps the Swiss did too much and we folk are very conscious of our environment. I am so thankful to be here. It might have had a different outcome had I been still living in Britain.


The bees returned to the garden yesterday. They always arrive when the weather begins to improve.

I was not here so much yesterday, but we got an unexpected visit yesterday evening, which made a pleasant change to the normal boring golden oldie daily life. Sometimes it is good to break out of the normal routine.


I found yet another example of weed (cannabis) growing in my garden yesterday. It had grown unobserved and reached quite a good height. Of course, I blame it on the bird seed that fell on the wayside, I just hope that the local authorities would believe me when they ask. I do not have it for private consumption, would not even know how to prepare it and have never noticed my birds getting high on it. I find it quite a pretty plant.

And now to move on, the week-end is here but there are still things to do. We cannot live from air and love, but have to invest a little work into it. Have a good week-end without any stress. I saw this clover flowering in our wild meadow yesterday. Even the simplest of plants have their beauty.