Good Morning


As we have yet another boring grey rainy sky I thought the view on my breakfast table might be a little more interesting, although not so much for me. The computer is loading up, breakfast slices are half eaten and the tea is ready. In the background my vitamin daily drops are waiting so what could  possibly go wrong.

Actually I was just getting to write a few daily words after uploading some photos when I had a surprise outside.


Birds are now few and far between since they are busy with bringing up the kids, teaching them to fly and preferring live worms to dead seeds. However, my birdhouse is still outside and I have a seed offering just in case. This morning two birds decided to have a peck at what was hanging outside and I managed to get a few photos with my mobile phone. As they direct upload onto my computer programme I could process them and here they are.


It certainly is wonderful to see them again outside.


My Asian peonies are also now flowering. The flowers are not as large as the normal peony and have a wonderful pink colouring.


My European smoke tree is also now flowering with its bushes of tiny flowers so even on the dismal rainy days there is something to see outside.

I was off on a shopping tour yesterday afternoon. I noticed that the parking places for the handicapped were again getting popular, although I had enough room to park. Sometimes lockdown has its advantages as I more or less had the parking spots for myself. I also had to pick up new weighing scales that Mr. Swiss had ordered online. Somehow the others no longer function. He also ordered two of those special batteries for them which I could not find when I got home. However, after emptying the shopping bag I found them in a dark corner. We had a small drama until they appeared.

I am yet again on my way this afternoon for an appointment to see my neurologist. It seems this week has been busy every afternoon. I usually have two isolated days on Tuesday and Thursday, but it was all action this week.

At the moment the big concern with many people seems to be their annual holidays. We have all been in lockdown for a reason: to avoid the dreaded virus. Now as soon as the government decides to say you can all go out again, holiday brochures are searched for to find somewhere to go in Summer. Personally I will be glad to stay at home and relax and have no interest in flocking to places where there are holiday makers everywhere. It seems that here everyone is searching for a holiday apartment in the Italian part of Switzerland which guarantees for good sunny weather and warm temperatures. It was also the area in Switzerland that had the most infections from the coronavirus as it is on the Italian border, but now it is almost forgotten. Even in England the restrictions have been relaxed, the country with the highest level of infections in Europe. However, the rest of the British Isles, Scotland, N. Ireland and Wales, are keeping their borders closed at the moment until the situation might improve. Being an ex Brit I follow the situation quite closely on the TV and I am not very happy with the way it has been handled so far. However, it is easy for me to talk from a country with only eight million population. I was just a little sad to see that the area in London where I grew up was most hard hit by the epidemic.

And now there are things to do. I am renewing the bed linen today, which takes time. Not only replacing the linen, but cleaning under the beds and dusting the frames, as well as turning the mattresses. Yes, a woman’s work is never done (with a little help from Mr. Swiss where two are needed).

Have a good day, wash your hands and wear your mask if required. Luckily the wild daisies in the meadow opposite remain uncovered for all to see.


16 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I actually had time for you this morning. How wnderful it would be if l had birds to see and a garden to potter in. Take care Pat.

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  2. Good morning, it rained last night and today is cloudy. A couple of black-skinned hummingbirds visit my husband feeder this morning. How I wished we are doing better with the pandemic even England is doing better United States. I tried to stay off the news as it is depressing. Stay safe.

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    • We still have to be careful and maintain a safe distance, but otherwise everything is back to how it was. We now have very few new cases of the coronus in Switzerland and I hope it stays that way. I had quite a few birdie visitors today at the feeder which made a change.

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  3. It’s not at all back to normal here. We had a zoom thing with Garry old media geezer buddies and we realized that for all we retired people, things won’t ever be the same. No one believes they will make a vaccine in less than a few years or distribute it in less than three, So for us, life is going to be very quiet. Everyone has canceled their travel plans. The idea of an enclosed airplane is downright scary. it’s fortunate that most of us are pretty unsociable people anyway. Except the doctor 😀

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    • They never developed a vaccine for sars and I doubt if one will be discovered for Covid 19. I read something new every day and have given up. Switzerland has now stopped the lockdown and today our borders to Germany and Austria are open again. There are very few new cases now, but we still must obey social distancing


  4. In California, the progress of the ‘situation’ was almost predictable. Most of it is in Santa Clara County. There are about two million people there, and most of them live in densely populated neighborhoods. Also, more people there travel more than most. However, Inyo County, has a more significant ration of infections. There are not many cases there, but there are not many people there either. It is weird.

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    • It certainly seems to hit the places with more population. It seems we are now over the worse, with just a few cases per day in Switzerland. The kids are back to school, people are back to work and we just have to keep our safe distance from each other, although family members are OK to meet and greet. It’s a funny world we now have.

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      • It will be a slow recover for us, since we rely on big groups. Even when big groups can come to the Conference Center, they will not come right away. Those who used to attend conferences here have been out of work, so can not afford to come to conferences now.

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