RDP Tuesday: Tease

Fly on keyboard

These guys are the expert teasers. No matter what time of the day, they are there. Already in the morning they are buzzing around when I am eating breakfast. I always have a fly swatter near, but they seem to have a built in radar and at the last minute before the swatter swats, they fly off to a place where they can look down on you as if to say “I am quicker that you”. I do not see them all through the colder months of the year. I am sure they are invaders from another planet and arrive in a spaceship from their own planet. They swarm out of their ship and they are here. At the end of Autumn when Winter is approaching the chief fly captain stands at the entrance of the space ship and calls them all to embark for the journey home.

They have no respect for privacy: even my computer keyboard is used as a landing place. I like to have my windows open in Summer to let the fresh air in, but the flies use the opportunity for an invitation. And if you are cooking, they are buzzing around everywhere.

I am kind to insects if they happen to enter my home and put them outside again taking care not to hurt them, but flies I am sure are born to be killed, but for every dead fly there seems to be another 10 to replace it.

RDP Tuesday: Tease

5 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Tease

  1. My cats see them sooner than I do. If I walk into a room with a fly, all I have to do is watch the cats–their radar vision has them in focus. With three cats, the bugs don’t stand a change. RIP.

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    • When I had all three cats and they were younger, they would often have some fresh meat when it was fly season. Now I only have Tabby, and with her 18 years, she no longer wastes the energy.


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