FOWC with Fandango: Iron

Cheese Days Solothurn 06.09 (10)

Someone was busy creating objects out of metal, perhaps iron, at a local market.

I remember my days as a kid in the working class surroundings of East London where we would have the “old iron man” that would come and collects old iron pieces no longer used. He must have made some money out of it at the time

There was an old cockney song. I found this version by the Muppets.

FOWC with Fandango: Iron

RDP Tuesday: Tease

Fly on keyboard

These guys are the expert teasers. No matter what time of the day, they are there. Already in the morning they are buzzing around when I am eating breakfast. I always have a fly swatter near, but they seem to have a built in radar and at the last minute before the swatter swats, they fly off to a place where they can look down on you as if to say “I am quicker that you”. I do not see them all through the colder months of the year. I am sure they are invaders from another planet and arrive in a spaceship from their own planet. They swarm out of their ship and they are here. At the end of Autumn when Winter is approaching the chief fly captain stands at the entrance of the space ship and calls them all to embark for the journey home.

They have no respect for privacy: even my computer keyboard is used as a landing place. I like to have my windows open in Summer to let the fresh air in, but the flies use the opportunity for an invitation. And if you are cooking, they are buzzing around everywhere.

I am kind to insects if they happen to enter my home and put them outside again taking care not to hurt them, but flies I am sure are born to be killed, but for every dead fly there seems to be another 10 to replace it.

RDP Tuesday: Tease

Good Morning


An interesting cloud formation this morning, a little bit of sun now and again but very very cold, although that is to be expected. We now have the days of the Ice Saints. I do not know which countries have these icy guys hanging around, but they are a cool bunch in Switzerland. It all began with St. Mamartus yesterday and today we have St. Pancras. Tomorrow it will be St. Servatius and it all ends on Friday with the cold Sophie. I remember the Sophie well, as it was my mother-in-law’s name. Although Spring sprung some time ago, the ice saints live up to their name and we often have a cold spell at the beginning of May. There is a cold wind blowing and time to wear a light jacket again.


The cold spell does not seem to deter the slugs and there is always a kamikaze troop that explore the food reserves. I found this guy slugging its was on the top of one of my raised beds. How he got there I do not know as it is quite a climb. He looked quite determined, but his days are numbered. I am prepared to fight the battle and sprinkle my slug pellets regularly.


I visited the store yesterday and they still have their promotion for garden help. I had enough points for yet a third insect house which I have now installed in my front garden. I must say the articles are quite good quality. I already have three watering cans and two sets of garden tools. The offer is finished on 15th May, so I still have time for more, although I no longer need more. I have even collected a few items for my grandson, naturally under his mother’s supervision.

If things continued upwards in Switzerland, it will not be long before I see my No. 2 son and his family again.


The lockdown rules have now been relaxed in Switzerland and the stores in the shopping mall have now re-opened, although I really only visit for groceries. However it is good to see a little normal return. The children also returned to school yesterday. We still have to keep our distance and there are limits to visitors in the stores, but I have had no problem. Things are now returning to the new norm here and our government are still keeping an eye on things. Our Covid cases are receding. Today I saw an online report about how things are progressing in various European countries, but no mention of Switzerland. We are probably too small for their statistics and uninteresting. I am still being cautious and have no desire to mix with the others in restaurants or department stores.

Today was actually a day of cleaning lady visit, but she has health problems at the moment and cancelled for this week. I will be off on a visit to the local car authorities this afternoon. I still have my original driving licence which is almost 40 years old. It is the old paper version and they have now been replaced by the plastic card with photo. I have time to renew it, but it must happen until 2022. After a search yesterday I found the last photos I had done which are only a year old and will take them along this afternoon to have the licence replaced. Mr. Swiss already has the new one for some time and said it takes only a few minutes and you get it at once.

And now to depart and continue my daily routine. I have a few windows to clean, but nothing drastic. Have a good day everyone, see you later. Will leave you with a glance at my iris in the garden which are developing very well.


May Photo a Day Challenge: 12. Good

Insect House

Success! Since a month I have two insect hotels in my garden and slowly they are filling up with guests. They keep themselves to themselves and have closed doors. There are still some rooms to have if there are any insects interested. In the basement there is quite a coming and going of all sorts of creeping individuals. Word is spreading that there is good accommodation at my hotels.

May Photo a Day Challenge: 12. Good