RDP Monday: Thingamajig


I was in the store today and had a quest to fulfil. I was searching for the elusive thingamajig and just at the end of my visit I think I found it. As I was parking my shopping trolley I looked up and it was as if a special signal was being sent. I saw it, the thingamajig was hanging there.

Of course I took a photo. Who knows, perhaps it might be gone tomorrow. Stores have habits of removing important items, and I am sure this is important. It had a handle to turn, there was a chain hanging from it. In the background there was a row of spikes, miniature thingamajigs. My purpose was completed and the thingamajig was established as a necessary addition to life.

What is its purpose? Do not ask superfluous questions. Do you really have to know everything? Let it suffice that the thingamajig was there for all to see.

RDP Monday: Thingamajig

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