FOWC with Fandango: Practice


We have been practicing social distancing since many weeks and now after almost two months our supermarket has found the clear solution. We have been practicing our entire life. As a child you were told to cross the road when you get the green light and to wait patiently if the light is red. Later in life you might ride a bicycle or drive a car. The red and green light plays an important part in these movements. We even have an amber/yellow light to prepare us for the change in command.

Now we have a similar system in our local supermarket, however without the amber warning lamp. It is only for the professionals amongst us. You approach the entrance to the store and have traffic lights. If red is showing you are told to “please wait”, but green invites you to enter. Entering is combined with the request to maintain distance, 1,5 metres it seems. It used to be two metres. Additionally you are counted as you enter the store.

The novel 1984 comes to mind and I wonder if Big Brother (Covid 19)  is also watching what I am doing. It is all a matter of practice.

FOWC with Fandango: Practice

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