FOWC with Fandango: Practice


We have been practicing social distancing since many weeks and now after almost two months our supermarket has found the clear solution. We have been practicing our entire life. As a child you were told to cross the road when you get the green light and to wait patiently if the light is red. Later in life you might ride a bicycle or drive a car. The red and green light plays an important part in these movements. We even have an amber/yellow light to prepare us for the change in command.

Now we have a similar system in our local supermarket, however without the amber warning lamp. It is only for the professionals amongst us. You approach the entrance to the store and have traffic lights. If red is showing you are told to “please wait”, but green invites you to enter. Entering is combined with the request to maintain distance, 1,5 metres it seems. It used to be two metres. Additionally you are counted as you enter the store.

The novel 1984 comes to mind and I wonder if Big Brother (Covid 19)  is also watching what I am doing. It is all a matter of practice.

FOWC with Fandango: Practice

RDP Monday: Thingamajig


I was in the store today and had a quest to fulfil. I was searching for the elusive thingamajig and just at the end of my visit I think I found it. As I was parking my shopping trolley I looked up and it was as if a special signal was being sent. I saw it, the thingamajig was hanging there.

Of course I took a photo. Who knows, perhaps it might be gone tomorrow. Stores have habits of removing important items, and I am sure this is important. It had a handle to turn, there was a chain hanging from it. In the background there was a row of spikes, miniature thingamajigs. My purpose was completed and the thingamajig was established as a necessary addition to life.

What is its purpose? Do not ask superfluous questions. Do you really have to know everything? Let it suffice that the thingamajig was there for all to see.

RDP Monday: Thingamajig

Good Morning


This morning was quite a grey beginning. Yesterday afternoon I saw the clouds gathering.


We had been told that we were in for rain and stormy weather and I did hear a little thunder in the distance. In the evening there were a few drops and I decided to gather some potted plants and put them under cover. This morning I expected to see everything wet and dripping, but it seems to have rained a little during the night and everything was looking quite fresh and ready to go. At least I did not have to spray the garden yesterday.

It was a morning with a difference as I again heard the sound of the children’s conversations on their way to school. Our lock down is no longer as locked down as it was and today the children return to school. As they have to cross the main road the mother’s organise themselves and usually one goes with them, although we do have an underpass across the road. Things are almost back to how it was, although there are still precautions to take. The amount of people entering the stores is still limited, safe distance from the others is still a must and groups of people meeting are still restricted.

I spoke to No. 2 son on the telephone via the Facebook messenger which is quite a good system. I see him live and my grandchildren and we can talk face to face. There are so many various apps to use today, but for me the messenger works well. He made the suggestion that they could visit in a week or so, but I told hime to just wait a while until this new unlockeddown system shows that it is working.


Things are looking up with my insect hotel and yesterday I spotted this beelike insect entering. I think most of the entrances are now blocked by bees where they have deposited their larva inside to develop. I must say the new camera development on my newest iPhone is really good. I can take a photo and see what happened before and after and fix the photo I want. This actual photo showed the bee disappearing inside the hotel, but I could retrace backwards its movement and got a photo when it was entering.


There are all sorts of plants appearing at the moment in the garden after the rainy days of vegetation and I even spotted this beginning of a marijuana plantation, but no problem. It was a wayward seed from the bird feed and definitely not one that you could get high on. However, I find it an interesting growth. I do not smoke in any case, stopped 30 years ago and do not intend to begin again. I prefer to used my money for food.


The bees are quite numerous at the moment, busy doing what they do, probably gathering something for lunch on the flowers.

Today I will be off to the store in the afternoon to see what they have on offer and whether it will be more crowded since everything is now on sale, with no restrictions. The customers are still limited in number on entering, although up to now I have never had a problem. I just hope that not everyone as decided on a shopping free-for-all day today. I noticed our statistics for the disease are levelling out in Switzerland, but every day shows something different. Over the week-end we had only two new cases in our Kanton/State and this morning it has been updated to six. I think it will be a time until it would disappear. Probably it is now on level with flu, but for flu we have a remedy and have lived with it for many years. This coronus is so unpredictable and has many negative developments.

If the kids can now go to school, I can go shopping so I wish you a good beginning to the week and stay safe in this isolated time. The hostas in my garden are growing nicely and have no regard for any virus.


Just remembered I have three frozen chicken legs in the freezer so have removed them to make sure they have thawed out by lunch time. 🙂