Good Morning


I suspected that this morning would be a cloudy one as they already began to gather yesterday evening. It also rained during the night and this morning I also felt a few spots. However undeterred I ventured a few steps into the garden to see if there were any surrises, and there were.


The rain encouraged the insect life and the stones on my raised beds were covered with creepy crawlies,


Although mainly woodlice, these little creatures with their coat of armour that always seem to appear in groups. The stones were covered with them everywhere, but as soon as I approached they scuttled away. I lifted the overhanging leaves of my sedum to see if there was anything more interesting. It was mainly the woodlice, but here and there were a couple of thin white worms, which I saw were actually baby centipedes when they began to scuttle away. They were too quick for a photo and also not very photogenic. I decided to leave the insect world to itself this morning. They do love the damp weather.


Although I saw these two clinging to each other on my wall in the kitchen. An hour later they were still there. They do seem to lead an intensive reproduction system. I did not have the heart to apply the fly swatter on them.

Yesterday was smooth runnings and I concluded the evening by watching the film “Darkest Hour” with Gary Oldman playing the part of Winston Churchill showing Churchill’s idea of organising the small boats of England to get the trapped soldiers from the beach at Dunkirk. Of course I knew the facts, but the film showed a little more of the political side and I was quite interested. I remember Winston Churchill when growing up in London, although he was then no longer prime minister. I remember once being with my mum on a walk through the bank area of the City of London and she pointed out a figure that was Randolph Churchill, Winston’s son. He was quite an imposing guy dressed in his city suit and hat and resembled his father.


I often hear the sound of a bird call, quite loud and repetitive and this morning I managed to capture it on my camera. I am not sure what it is, but believe it to be a common wood pigeon by the sound of its voice. It is quite big and is a regular visitor, although I do not always see it.

Today is mother’s day, the day when my dad would get nervous in case I forgot it and would also remind me a week ahead to make sure that I would not forget it. Mum could get very annoyed if she did not get her recognition from her only daughter. Of course I did my duty to avoid any repercussions and a bad temper, but is it a wonder that I even today do not really enjoy mother’s day. Of course it is not forgotten in my family, but Mr. Swiss has the ideal solution to his problem. He is not my mother he once said, and rightfully. I do not like the day really, as I still have visions of a nervous dad hoping that I did it right and do not really enjoy it. I often asked is it really my day, I always had to invite my mother-in-law to dinner and I was the one cooking the meal.

And now I will begin to cook my meal: a nice straight forward roast beef the I can put in the oven and let is cook until lunchtime. No big hassle. I will serve noodles with it, which is also something that cooks without problems.

Anyhow for the mothers out there, enjoy the day. I leave you with the first flower from my iris in the garden, and it even has a beard.


15 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning and Happy Mothers Day..we have ours in March- which also didn’t happen in lockdown. I was expecting a dismal windy morning here this morning but there is a hazy sun at the moment which is a nice surprise. Enjoy your roast beef and I hope you have a lovely day. The Iris is gorgeous. Caryl. PS a deer just wandered into my garden- looking for tasty treats I think- he is probably the cause of my be headed tulips- but this year they are in pots on my patio- hahah so escaped being eaten for once!

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    • I had a nice quiet mothers day and No. 2 son called in the evening with an online connection, so I could see my two grandchildren having fun. It was a pleasant day yesterday. The only animal that wanders into my garden is the cat from next door. Our deer stay in the forest.


  2. Good morning it is another windy, sunny day here. Over the years I have enjoyed the various insects and spiders that have seen. A black widow spider lived in our home for over a month neither one wanted to kill it. She just disappeared. All of our parents have been dead for years. Those days mean nothing to us. Have a great awesome day and stay safe.

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  3. Good Morning! My colleague down south just reminded me that it is Mothers’ Day, although I would have remembered soon enough. He is sort of saddened that he can not go see his mother today. Not many of us can. There is a rhododendron at work that is known as the Mothers’ Day Rhododendrons, because it always blooms at Mothers’ Day. I did not see any bloom on it on Friday.

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    • My mother passed away many years ago and now I am the only mother here. Although we have lock down, flowers were being sold last week. My garden is full of flowers at the moment and the roses are now in bud.

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  4. Wonderful pictures. Nature is beginning to wake up in the spring. Hopefully this will be the week it happens here in eastern USA. HOpefully … fingers crossed …. SLP …

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  5. The flowers love you! The only thing — other than the orchids inside — are the outdoor Rhododendrons which are blooming like crazy. Apparently cutting down the roses brought them to life. We thought they were dead and I was ready to dig them up.

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