RDP Saturday: Nomad

Photo taken early in the morning

I took this photo in Marrakesh, Morocco. Someone had parked their bike next to a tree. Perhaps this was a nomad travelling around, but I do not think so.

Nomads are no longer as they were, we now live organised lives, have documents to prove who we are and pay our income taxes, although there are still gypsys. They now drive their large Mercedes cars attached to their caravans and travel around Europe. I have seen them when they are in town. The ladies with their long dresses and long hair, speaking their own patois, but mainly French with their children.  They arrive in town, gather in a designated place for a while with their group and then move on. I have seen them in the local supermarket and yes, they are a little different.

My grandmother lived a little on the edge of London, somewhat countryfied. She came from the country and was a little superstitious. They often had visits from gypsys. They would earn their living by repairing pots and pans and my grandmother always gave them work to do. She was sure that if she was not friendly enough they would place a curse on her and her family.

RDP Saturday: Nomad

2 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Nomad

  1. Even in Israel, which was the last country in the middle east to let the Beduoins roam freely eventually required that they at least carry something like a passport. They have little towns now and a lot of shops in the Old City. Only the birds still roam.

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