Good Morning


Another beautiful morning in a forgotten village somewhere in the wilds of Switzerland. Perhaps not quite forgotten, but sometimes we are glad to be ignored and left to our own thing. I got the week-end shopping behind me yesterday and am thankful that everything was available, almost. I needed some lettuce to cook with a meal today, but it was either all gone, or never arrived. Salad items are always a bit risky. However I discovered that there was plenty of packed rucola (some call it rocket or argula I believe). I wanted something to cook and asked one of the shop assistants in the store that I know quite well (I know them all well really) and she said it is a super vegetable and you can pan fry it which was what I was looking for as a side dish veg. So today I will try it. It might be the first of many attempts with rucola. I had often seen it, but never really bought it.

Otherwise everything went fine and I noticed the store is now preparing a little for next week, the day of normal (almost normal) ex lock down. Everything will now be available again, including clothing and cosmetics, although that really did not bother me. I need no new fashionable clothes and cosmetics do not form part of my life style.

The restaurant will also be open for those housewives that like a coffee during their shopping ordeal, but I really do not have the time for such luxury. I go, see, buy and return home.


The bees are really getting busy in my garden and yesterday they were quite co-operative for a few photos.


I also saw this fire bug exploring the spaces in my insect hotel, but I think he was just looking and had no interest in taking a room. My garden is full of these little creatures at the moment. They do no harm and are for me a colourful addition. They are the first to arrived in my garden at the beginning of March and already begin to breed. My insect hotel seems to be a success amongst the insects. I have two, hotels and there is still room for a few more visitors. The special action is still available in the store, and I almost now have enough points for a third hotel. I discovered you can also buy them in the store in a much bigger version, but they are quite expensive. They are really well made out of solid wood. I get a sticky per 20 francs spent in the store and have to have a full card of 40 points to be able to get one free. I do not spend money only for this extra, but when you buy groceries it amounts quickly.

I was thinking about a wheelie excursion today, but decided that Sunday would be better. I have not used my electric wheelchair for a couple of weeks. The battery was fully loaded, but after ignoring it for a couple of weeks I will probably have to give it an upload. Even when you do not use it, it can lose power.

Yesterday there was quite a good concert on the British Television. In the days of keeping your distance the queen gave the musicians and singers her permission to use Buckingham Palace, her London residence, as the surroundings for the concert. Of course it was ideal as in the lockdown days it was all empty of people. The music was good and the backdrop just perfect. Afterwards there was a speech from the Queen in remembrance  of 75 years of VE day to make the end of the second world war. The whole evening was dedicated to this event and there were many old films of how the Brits reacted at the time. I had many fond memories of my mum  and what she told me, and of course dad who could then return from the fighting. My uncle was also then released from being a prisoner of war in Germany after five years. What memories they all were.

I actually had a doctor appointment last week, but she called me to say that something had cropped up in the meanwhile and she wold have to postpone it, unless I could discuss it on the phone. This was ideal and after some time we had dealt with everything necessary. I think she was glad as well.

And now to deal with the Saturday life, which will be quite relaxing, I hope. No special chores to do, just a normal day at home. And now to take my Vitamin D drops to maintain a golden oldie healthy life. Am thinking of all those suffering under the hairy pea infections and its side effects in daily life.


14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning and you sound super organised for the weekend. With no prospects of seeing anyone today or tomorrow I’m not feeling so bright- but your garden has cheered me up and your potential bug hotel guest is very colourful. Who knows he may have been viewing and return later with a mate! I can’t believe I missed all the VE Day Celebrations on TV last night- I had recorded Bridget Jones Baby so watched that- I hope I can see The Queen on catch up! Sounds like it was great. Have a fab weekend and enjoy your new green veg with your dinner.Does the pan fried rocket end up a bit like baked Kale I wonder- I must try it. Have fun 🙂 Caryl

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    • Becoming a good week-end, no stress and wonderful weather. The VE celebrations on the BBC were really well done. I loved hearing the memories of the golden oldies that lived through it all. It could have been my mum and dad were they still with us. I would not recommend pan fried rocket, it got very sloppy, but it was OK. It is probably more suitable in a salad. The bees are swarming at the moment in the garden.

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  2. Arugula was something we grew in the garden at the home in town. It was not my favorite, but I liked how some could eat it fresh if they wanted to, but I could cook it if I wanted to.

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  3. Good morning … it is also going to be sunny here today after a miserable week of cold constant drizzle. But I think it is continuing to be cool. Have a great day. Keep sending pictures of the flowers, the birds and the bees, and the general garden situation. SLP …

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    • It’s a wonderful afternoon outside on the porch. There is a light breeze, but it is warm and sunny. Am really enjoying it outside. And the bees are swarming, waiting in line for a photo.


  4. Good morning, it is going to be another spring here with temperature in the 80s. I haven’t seen an insect hotel here. It is a good idea. I remember VE day as for the joy and celebrations. Enjoy the est of the day and stay safe.

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