FOWC with Fandango: Empty

Empty from hand liquid

This is an empty space in the store. It has been empty since the beginning of March, perhaps even in February. It used to be full of bottles of hand sanitizer which seems to have disappeared from the image area of perception. It no longer exists. Since we have an invasion of the unknown virus, they have disappeared. I still check for a miracle delivery three times a week when I visit the store, but to no avail. It has disappeared forever and I must be satisfied with soap and water.

Hand disinfection

Although when entering and leaving the supermarket I have a table with complimentary alcohol for my hands.

Life is changing, our necessities in life are different. At the end of March it was toilet paper. Now we have enough. There was fear of a food shortage, but after a week of worry it was discovered there was plenty to eat.

What do we really need: not hand sanitzer, but perhaps a weapon to combat the sleeking virus. One day we might have it. In the meanwhile let us wash our hands in alcohol.

FOWC with Fandango: Empty

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