RDP Friday: Relief


At last things are getting back to normal, slowly and surely, although it is a new normal. Today I did my week-end shopping at the supermarket. They used to have a guy sitting at a desk with a little computer, counting the people entering. He has now been removed, probably now one of the unemployed, he has become superfluous. We are slowly returning to the old norm with full automisation. where people cost too much, although I have a feeling the young guy was probably a student earning some extra money.

So now we have a new system. Somewhere on the left there is a pole and  the notice says number sensor, meaning that this machine is now counting the people entering and leaving the store. It also tells us on the notice that we must have a distance of 1,5 m and walk alone through the space. I thought it was actually two metres, but perhaps the virus is now shrinking. At the entrance there is now a traffic light system. If it is red you must wait, but if green you can go. I had green and entered the store. I wonder if you get a fine if you go over the red light and do not wait?

I survived the new system and arrived home safely. Next week the complete store is again open, selling not only groceries but clothing and other unimportant items .


It seems to me our store entrance grows longer every time I visit. I wonder what would happen if you would dare to cross the entrance forbidden sign on the right. I also noticed that we now have quite smart stands with a white cord attached and no longer the pieces of wood bound together with sticky tape in various colours. The new norm is improving in taste.

RDP Friday: Relief

8 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Relief

  1. We still have one-way aisles, which works pretty well. But the people that refuse to wear a mask is bothersome. My husband had to have some tests at the hospital this week and I about lost it. We were on the elevator (a huge mistake) when it stopped to let on 3 people. One man with a mask stood so close to me…ugh. The other two were a man (unmasked) wheeling a woman in a wheelchair who was holding her mask. It was a tiny elevator so trying to get out would have been a bit of a disruption, but luckily we only had to go down two floors. I was most uncomfortable.

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    • We only have one way at the entrance and exits, otherwise we have plenty of room to move around in. We do not see so many masks here, but Switzerland has it all fairly well under control. I think today there were about 50 new cases registtered but they are going down constantly and we now have few people in hospitals. People are very polite about keeping a distance and it is often a cause for a little joke, if you have to wait for someone to get out of the way.


  2. I haven’t done anything “normal” yet (stop laughing). I haven’t gone into a store or the post office or any place in nearly 2 months now. I should go just for the experience (and to get salad and gasoline) but honestly, this whole situation has relieved me of a task I hated. It’s been so nice to order my stuff online and show up to pick it up. I don’t know if people are wearing masks in supermarkets or not. I was unhappy that the woman in the lumberyard/hardware store wasn’t nor were any of the customers. I was wearing a covering over my nose and mouth. But I should go see. I’m missing out on a historical moment by NOT going, I guess. My little region now has 50 confirmed cases and the thought is there are many more we don’t know about. That doesn’t increase my interest in shopping.

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    • Cases are diminishing here and next week everything is open again. We just have to keep to social distancing. It certainly is an advantage when living in a small agricultural area. There are now so many people ordering groceries on line, that there are not so many slots available, so you have to wait. MY store us not so far and Greer is plenty of space to move around. Supplies are also well under control.


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