FOWC with Fandango: Fact

End of World War II

It was 75 years ago when they celebrated VE day in the London Streets. They hung bunting to celebrate. Bunting was the name used at that time for the colourful decorations. I grew up with this photo and many more. Mum had taken the pictures at the time. It was a little street in East London, Bethnal Green, Norah Street. It was the street where I grew up and looked just as it does in this photo. The street was built in 1884 according to a plaque on the wall and survived two world wars.  Eventually it was demolished some time in the seventies, but my mum captured many memories of the VE Day celebrating the end of the war.

Street Party WWII
And here she is celebrating with a cockney “Knees Up Muvver Brown” dance with the neighbours.  Mum is second from the left and the other three ladies were the next door neighbours. I knew them all: a mother and her three daughters. The mother is not on the photo. One of the daughters got married and afterwards lived on the first floor of the next door house. The other two remained unmarried and were still living in the house next door with their mother as I was growing up.

Street Party WWII
And here is another group. The lady with the top hat, in the front row, was my grandmother. She passed away when I was a four month old baby, so I never really got to know her. However, the man on her right was my grandfather He lived in our house until he passed away when I was about 14 years old.

The others in the photo are various neighbours.

I am so glad that I still have these photos. They are old, taken with a Brownie box camera, in 1945, on the day the second world war ended.

Street Party WWII
And here they are again, this time with a car of the day and mum third from the left.

FOWC with Fandango: Fact

RDP Friday: Relief


At last things are getting back to normal, slowly and surely, although it is a new normal. Today I did my week-end shopping at the supermarket. They used to have a guy sitting at a desk with a little computer, counting the people entering. He has now been removed, probably now one of the unemployed, he has become superfluous. We are slowly returning to the old norm with full automisation. where people cost too much, although I have a feeling the young guy was probably a student earning some extra money.

So now we have a new system. Somewhere on the left there is a pole and  the notice says number sensor, meaning that this machine is now counting the people entering and leaving the store. It also tells us on the notice that we must have a distance of 1,5 m and walk alone through the space. I thought it was actually two metres, but perhaps the virus is now shrinking. At the entrance there is now a traffic light system. If it is red you must wait, but if green you can go. I had green and entered the store. I wonder if you get a fine if you go over the red light and do not wait?

I survived the new system and arrived home safely. Next week the complete store is again open, selling not only groceries but clothing and other unimportant items .


It seems to me our store entrance grows longer every time I visit. I wonder what would happen if you would dare to cross the entrance forbidden sign on the right. I also noticed that we now have quite smart stands with a white cord attached and no longer the pieces of wood bound together with sticky tape in various colours. The new norm is improving in taste.

RDP Friday: Relief

Good Morning


A nice bright morning today. I am always the first to stop hugging the bed whilst my other half is still sleeping, but no problem. I open the window if closed and raise the blinds a little and he notices nothing of the surrounding world. It looks like it will be a good day today. I have a week-end shopping to do, but no problem: everything  organised. Now and again Mr. Swiss sneaks a few surprised on our joint shopping list on our iphones, but nothing drastic. I usually endeavour to keep a step ahead of his wishes. I know what they are before he does.

The biggest problem is deciding what to cook. Since the new norm of the hairy peas floating in the air, life has a different focus and I do tend now to think more ahead. I like to buy on Friday including Monday lunch so that I only have to go shopping again on Monday afternoon, but no problem. There is always something in the freezer for Monday lunchtime.


This morning I discovered that my allium flowers are preparing to appear. When they are finished they are a ball of violet flowers. I think they are onion/leek related, but make a good show in the garden.


I also spotted this frothy mass on my coreopsis. I have often seen these on various plants, and this time decided to do some investigating in internet. I knew they were some sort of insect larva protection, and it seems it belongs to spittle bugs, although it is not spittle, but another sort of juice produced by the insect. Afterwards you get a flying insect when it is developed but no invasion of the third kind. Just another method of reproduction. I have seen this all my life and as a golden oldie I have now discovered what it actually is.

Otherwise nothing special going on at the moment, although there was interesting news from our local town.

Altstadt 16.03 (7)

I often take a photo of our restaurant mile along the river when I go to town. There is one restaurant after the other and on sunny days people sit outside at the tables and enjoy a get together with friends and a drink. The air is filled with voices and you know everything is just perfect. However during our lock down the restaurants were all closed and the tables and chairs removed.


For the past Kovid months the area has been empty: no people, no chairs or tables and closed restaurants. As I have not been there myself since it all began, I borrowed the photo from our local newspaper. The text says “The bars on the Landhausquai postpone their re-opening until 18th May. They have more time to prepare for a new opening.

It certainly resembles a ghost town, but I am glad that they have all decided to wait a week longer. It all needs time and there is no point in rushing into something where no-one really knows the outcome. Hope the Solothurn Zeitung forgive me for borrowing their photo.

And now to overcome the remains of the day. They had a special offer of aubergine at the local supermarket this week, which is one of my favourite vegetables. Mr. Swiss is not so keen and No. 1 son eats almost everything as long as it is not green, looks like a mushroom or contains cheese. Mr. Swiss will not starve even if he refuses to eat the aubergine, although he probably will not.

I will now move on into an isolated comfortable apartment with a garden outside the window showing this view. Have a good one, keep safe from the hairy peas.


May Photo a Day Challenge: 8. River

River Aare 16.03 (4)

I live in a small village, and at the bottom of the path the River Aar runs through it. It originates in a glacier in the Bernese Alps and flows through a couple of lakes in Switzerland eventually meandering into the River Rhine. Here you can see it flowing through our area in the town of Solothurn.

May Photo a Day Challenge: 8. River