RDP Thursday: Limp

Left leg shorter

You do not really see it.  Apparently I always belonged to that group of people that had a side ways sway when I would walk, but no-one said anything. It was just accepted it was the way I was. When the sordid truth was discovered and my accident happened, there was no holds barred.

It was also discovered that I had MS which did not help.

“I always thought you walked strangely” “you seemed to have a bit of a limp” were a couple of the remarks that I began to hear. Breaking a leg does not help, and when you begin to carry two pins and a rod of steel with your bones, it tends to make a difference.


I discovered that my legs were no longer the same length, one being shorter than the other. Driving a car means only with an automatic, as the advantage is that you do not have to use your left foot for any manoeuvres. If I mount the car I have to lift my left foot manually because it refuses to do it all by itself.

On the other hand, you are now an interesting person. You carry your limp with pride. You get the free seat on the bus or train, people ask if they can help at the supermarket. Although I am still waiting for the invitation from Monty Python to act in his TV programme.

RDP Thursday: Limp

Good Morning


At last a brilliant sunny start to the day. When I went outside for a photo I was blinded by the intensity of the sun and not a cloud in the sky which really made a difference. The last few days were a mixture, but quite dreary. The sun only really arrived yesterday afternoon, but gave a little warmth.

I was on a shopping tour yesterday again. Not many people in the store. Afternoon is a good time to go, the main rush is in the morning.

Entrance to supermarket

As I enter the supermarket there is still someone sitting at the entrance registering the amount of people as we are still restricted in quantities. I asked yesterday how many people would be allowed and was told 230. I have never seen so many people when I go shopping and on an average there are about 50% present in the supermarket. We even get some disinfection liquid to spray on our hands when entering. I slowly worked through my list of things to buy and thanks to my new system I am quite well covered at home with groceries. Mr. Swiss was happy to see that I had stocked up on his sweets. That is to keep him happy for a while at home. I decided to get a salad as accompaniment to my spaghetti dinner today, but alas they only had one miserable example left. It seems that the morning shoppers had taken them all.

Suddenly I heard a voice behind me and there was a young man that said “I am sure these would be better” and he had a complete trolley full of fresh salads to fill up the shelf again. I took one of them, had a feel and found it was a super firm head of salad. I said it seems in the afternoon there is only he leftovers in the shelf. He said that the morning shoppers tend to take everything as long as it is there, and he can hardly keep up with filling the shelves. I told him that he and his colleagues are doing a good job and we are all thankful for their efforts. He seemed to be quite pleased with a positive reaction, but it is true. They are our supports in these Kovid days.


Taking a walk in my garden this morning I noticed that my first iris bud has appeared with a few more to come. Somehow the rain we had over the past days has certainly boosted the garden results.


If you are wondering what the blue spots are on my hosta, they are my snail pellets. I saw the first slug yesterday and where there is one, there are many more all sharpening their 300 teeth ready for the banquet. After a search yesterday in the store I found the last packet of snail pellets to have, and did a general sprinkling around the garden. I even discovered the first hole in a hosta leaf, but am hoping it will be the last. The slugs almost destroyed all my hostas last year and this year I have stopped them in their slimy tracks.

Today is shopping free, but I have an appointment at the doc this afternoon. It is some time since I paid her a visit and I have a few things to deal with. It seems I am not required to wear a mask unless I want to. I do have a supply myself of quality masks, Naturally the doc and her assistants are now all wearing them. I will take a mask with me, although her assistant on the phone said they also have a supply if I would need one. I was told on the phone that if I had a problem with a cold or coughing, then I should not visit. Luckily I have no such symptoms. I am not sure if I will be around in the afternoon, must see how much time I have left.

And now to move on to the daily routine, which I actually enjoy. I need some occupational therapy now and again. Have a good day, keep safe from the dreaded hairy pin epidemic and keep at a distance.