RDP Wednesday: Composure


Lockdown is gradually being unlocked and today I saw this composed picture of orchids in the store. The actual gardening department is still closed, but in the basement they have the necessities for keeping your garden healthy to sell. It is only the live real flowers that are not yet open.

They shifted all the orchids into the main supermarket at a price of 7.50 Swiss francs each, which is very reasonable, a special offer. I resisted and did not buy any, although I must admit I was tempted. My orchids at home have now lost or are losing their flowers, with one exception, which had made four new buds with a fifth on the way.

As I spotted a slug this morning in the garden I decided it was time to buy some killing pellets for them, so I went to the basement to get a packet. Now that was a real maze. As the sport clothing was next to the gardening stuff, they had to make a special route to show which way you had to go. It was all one way streets in the store with arrows to show the way and I had to take a 2-3 minute walk until I got to where I wanted, but I found my box of pellets. I was lucky as it was the last box they had. Yes, the slugs are invading us. Shame they do not eat virus, then we would be rid of the pest. However I did not lose my composure and stayed calm all the way.

RDP Wednesday: Composure

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