Good Morning


Later this morning, but I was not in a hurry. I now have a cleaning lady again. I missed her during lockdown, but we are now safer and I am getting used to the new norm. She told me she was still cleaning here and there, but not so much. We were all keeping our distance. She lives alone in one of our lovely villages and does not mix with too many people. She was glad to see us again, although no hand shaking. I always leave her to the work when she is here: the kitchen, bathroom and shower, and that works fine for me. She is very good and does the work well. Yes. welcome back Lucia, lovely to see you again.

Otherwise it will be a bit of a “nothing to say” this morning. I had some organising to do with my financial online stuff and that worked perfectly. When I called I had to go through the telephone routine of pressing button 1, 2, 3 or 4 for my preferred language. No. 4 is english which they also now have as a choice. That was really something new, as we only had the three Swiss languages (German, French and Italian) up to now. I went for 1, which is German as I understand the expressions better. I had a nice guy and he got into my computer online finance programme and showed me what to do. He was not able to do anything himself, for security reasons, but it really worked well as I could follow his instructions. I had to write a few short sentences in German, but that was when I told him to dictate what I should write, as my written German is not so perfect: too many grammar rules to follow. I must say he was really helpful.

And now back to the normal daily work, although today I am on a morning holiday. My cleaning lady is working for me and I am taking it easy.

I will be back later in the day, after cooking lunch. Have a good one everyone.


12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. What a lovely morning in your outside garden area. Looks like it is going to be a perfect day. Here also the sun is rising and it is not supposed to be so cold, although they are saying it could freeze this weekend in the morning. So we are keeping the plants inside for now. But after that we will be ready to go. I have many coleus and geraniums that have been rooting in water all winter, so maybe next week we will be ready to put them in pots and put them outisde. One an onlly hope. Have a great day!!! … SLP ….

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  2. Your hostas are looking wonderful! They opened up the beaches here in Florida but some are being closed again, due to people not following the distance rules. Sadly, I don’t see ‘normal’ in the near future.

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    • At the moment we hear thunder outside, getting quite noisy. I missed my cleaning lady, not only for the work she does, but she is a lovely person. I am now off to bake something for tea.

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